Jeunoicon.png Expanding Horizons
(Zerberstende Abenteurer?)
Auftraggeber: Nomad Moogle (J)
Ru'Lude Gardens bei (H-5)
Voraussetzungen: Level 76
The nomad moogle claims to have perfected another procedure that will send your powers burgeoning to even greater heights. Acquire five Kindred's crests and four merit points if you fancy yourself ready for the undertaking.

Der Nomaden-Moogle und der Mogluminati-Älteste haben Verstärkung aus Windurst bekommen und sind bereit, dich in das Geheimnis wirklich wahrer, unheimlicher und fantastischer Macht einzuweihen, sofern du fünf Dämonen-Siegel und vier Verdienstpunkte bringst!
~Nomad Moogle (J) (Grand Duke Palace, Ru'Lude Gardens)
Empfohlener Level: 76+
Beteiligte Items: Kindred's crest Kindred's crest
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Aufhebung der Level 80 Begrenzung
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Expanding Horizons - Ru'Lude Gardens
Skript Part 1: Gespräch mit Nomad Moogle
Nomad Moogle:
Been working hard, or hardly working, kupo?
Remember that by pressing the "Merit Points" button in the "Status" menu, you can check merit point totals, change experience accumulation modes, and adjust skills and attributes.
Oho, kupo! Or perhaps you're looking to transcend your limits?
Because that could also be arranged...
What will you ask about?
  • Exceeding your limits.
  • Merit points.
  • Nothing.

Exceeding your limits.
Nomad Moogle:
Let me guess, kupo.
You have caught word of my latest miraculous method for padding the already-puissant powers of adventurers like yourself.
Yes, the positively esurient expression on your face tells me all I need know.
Is there no point at which your penchant for power will be sated, kupo?
Nomad Moogle:
It cannot be easy, walking around as a veritable avatar of avarice and avidity.
Still, I've taken a liking to your kind, kupo.
And since you were such a wonderful guinea pig last time, I'd be positively elated to experiment upon you again!
That said, I must warn you that I'm still working out some of the kinks.
I can give you no guarantees this time.
That is to say, don't come crying to me if your level of strength ends up plunging precipitously, kupo!
Nomad Moogle:
Are you still keen for the challenge?
Give it a go, kupo?

  • Will I ever!
    Ever the confident one, I see.
    Very well! Go procure the 5 Kindred's crest needed for the procedure...
    ...And store your spiritual energies to the tune of 4 merit points, and we'll give it a go, kupo!
    You sure you want to go ahead with this, Player Name?
    This moogle mumbo-jumbo gets sketchier and sketchier each time, if you ask me.
    Nomad Moogle:
    Well, if you ever need a refresher, you know where I'll be, kupo!
  • On second thought...
    Nomand Moogle:
    Is that so? Very well.
    I cannot fault you for exercising a modicum of moderation, kupo.
    Well, if you ever need a refresher, you know where I'll be, kupo!
Skript Part 2: Übergabe der Kindred's crest und der Merit Points
Nomad Moogle:
Splendid! Superlative!
In that case, without further ado...
Yoo-hoooooo! Mister Magian Moogle man!
Over here, kupo!
Magian Moogle:
Yes, yes... I'm coming already.
And keep your voice down, will you? I could hear your hooting and hollering from a malm away, kupo...
(Seems the poor fella's resigned himself to his fate...)
Nomad Moogle:
Same deal as last time. Got it, kupo?
And today, we'll also be recruiting the services of a very special guest!
Howdy-ho, fatty-watties!
Nomad Moogle:
Ladies and gentlemoogles, I proudly present Parike-Poranke, esteemed researcher of enterological magic from the Windurstian Orastery, who was kind enough to take time away from his data-gathering for this especial occasion, kupo!
(Parike-Poranke? The self-styled brown mage?
Why do I get the feelin' we're in for a real mess this time...?)
Honored to be here, my pudgy purple-winged friends!
I've been hopin' to test out my latest laxative spell, but lately my lab's been as barren as a set of freshly evacuated bowels.
This is just the belly-bursting opportunity I've been looking for!
Nomad Moogle:
...Ahem. To make room for a fresh fount of power inside you, we must first expel the old.
A simple truth, no, kupo?
(Ulp... My stomach's gettin' queasy just thinkin' about it.)
Nomad Moogle:
...Very well. Come and kneel down right before me, Player Name...
Parike-Poranke, you may take your position over there.
Prepare to have your innards turned inside out!
Nomad Moogle:
And you, my friend, prepare to unleash the most vigorous volley of moogle magic you can manage, kupo.
Magian Moogle:
I am ready whenever the rest of you are.
Then let us begin!
(Gee, I sure hope this works, kupo...)
(Was that it...? Bah, never mind!)
Nomad Moogle:
Now! Now, kupo!
Success! Ahahaha, glorious success!!!
The last time I tried that one, I was scrubbing my lab clean for a month!
(I don't know who's more frightening, this fellow or the moogle who brought him here...)
Nomad Moogle:
(How curious. The more excruciating the pain they endure, the stronger these adventurers grow.
Perhaps my trials are not as torturous as they should be...?), nothing. Nothing at all!
You look in fine fettle, my adventuring friend.
Go out there and get 'em! Farewell, kupo!
I can't thank you enough! Why, you've given me enough data to write a year's worth of reports.
Next time you're feeling a little backy-wacked up, you know who to call! Ta-taru!
Nomad Moogle:
Rejoice, Player Name, for the procedure was a staggering success!
Whole new horizons await you out there, and I suspect you're feeling famished.
Go and feast to your heart's content!

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