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Zusätzlicher Dialog

A New Journey

Star Sibyl: I am pleased that you came.
Player Name, was it not? I have heard of your accomplishments from Semih Lafihna.
After realizing how dedicated you have been in serving Windurst, I felt I must meet with you in person.
I am honored to have such a noble adventurer here in my presence. You are much younger than I imagined.
However, the reason I have called you here today is not solely for the purpose of greetings.
I, the Star Sibyl, hereby appoint you, Player Name, to the post of ambassadorial envoy in the Grand Duchy of Jeuno.
I apologize if I startled you with this sudden responsibility; however, the stars have already decided your fate.
I can sense the fire that burns deep within your heart. I feel that you will not disgrace the new title that I have given you.
You have seen with your own eyes the evil that lurks in Vana'diel. Soon that evil will have spread to every corner of our beloved lands.
However, during these terrible times, Windurst must remain the beautiful, sublime mecca that it has become. To maintain this state, the cooperation of Jeuno is necessary.
This is why sending a trustworthy delegate, such as yourself, to represent our country is of extreme importance.
I am positive that your presence in Jeuno will benefit Windurst immeasurably.
Will you travel to the Grand Duchy of Jeuno as an envoy of Windurst?
Will you become an envoy?

  • I would be honored.
  • I'm sorry, but...
    Semih Lafihna: The will of the Star Sibyl is the will of the Dawn Goddess! How darrre you defy her!
    Star Sibyl: Semih Lafihna... It is all right.
    I sense that your spirit is as free as the wind. You feel that committing yourself as an envoy will strip you of that freedom.
    It would be a lie to say that you would not be tied by this new responsibility.
    However, I have seen within your soul. I know that you want to do what is right for the peace of your country.
    It may be against your will, but I will appoint you as envoy to the Consulate of Windurst in Jeuno.
    I am certain that, in time, the stars will lead you there.
Magicite (Windurst), Magicite (Bastok), Magicite (San d'Oria)

Geheime Bibliothek
Star Sibyl: Summoning, you say?
Karaha-Baruha: Yes, I would like to name this magic “summoning.”
The divine texts depict it in the form of the Star Sibyl commanding a great beast.
At any rate, we are very close. Soon, the magic of summoning will be complete.
Star Sibyl: Hmm...
Karaha-Baruha: Are you uneasy, Your Holiness?
Star Sibyl: Yes... Very.
Time is of the essence.
The lines of battle are at Tahrongi Canyon, and draw close to Sarutabaruta.
The attack on Oztroja shall fail, and many flames of life will be the Star Reading, long ago.
Karaha-Baruha: Place your trust in me, Your Holiness. Windurst shall escape its fate of ruin.
The Book of the Gods has taught me everything.
It told me the meaning of the tower and the fountain. And it has taught me how to command the greatest of beasts.
Castle Oztroja
Yagudo Avatar: You are a fool for coming here to the throne room...alone.
You say you are the Windurst Orastery minister, Ajido-Marujido?
Yagudo Templar: Gawk! Orastery minister? And I am Aviatory minister!
How do we know what you speak is not lies? Gawk!
I should cut you up and send you to Heavens Tower! Gawk! Gawk!
Yagudo Templar: Kahk! Silence...
Our little friend came all the way from Windurst to greet us. Let us hear what he has to say.
Kahk-ka-ka! You came all this way to ask about the Full Moon Fountain?
Well, you Tarutaru have probably already realized why the Horutoto Ruins were built and why the Full Moon Fountain exists underneath them.
Those ruins are evil.
The towers sponge dry the areas around Sarutabaruta of all their magic.
You think that we Yagudo are the cause of these wastelands, but you only have yourselves to thank. You--the Tarutaru that activated those towers!
Ajido-Marujido:The towers are all damaged! How do you explain magic still being drained from the plains of Sarutabaruta?
What about you Yagudo? What are those things that you continue digging? Those stones...maybe they are the cause of all this?
Yagudo Avatar: Kahk-ka-ka...I commend you on your perceptiveness.
But the reason Sarutabaruta is becoming a wasteland has nothing to do with those stones.
That night, twenty years ago, when we were defeated by your armies, you made a grave mistake...
Kahk! Kahk! You still do not understand?
Make your way deep into the central tower of the Horutoto Ruins. There you will see first hand what the Star Sibyl and those summoners really did.
The moon and the stars no longer smile upon Windurst. Now, the world shall kneel before the Yagudo!

Heavens Tower
Star Sibyl: Stars of the heavens, tell me what to do!
Tell me, Karaha-Baruha! Help me!

Altar Room
Lion: What happened? Are you all right?
So, that's what magicite looks like.
What could they possibly want with it?
What the...!?
Shadow of Darkness: You are too late...
I have already awakened.
Your rage, cowardice, envy, arrogance, and apathy...from these I will spread the bane that will destroy Vana'diel.
Lion: Who are you!?
Shadow of Darkness: Your kind has awakened me...and this time, you will be destroyed!
You cannot stop me.
Vana'diel will be the grave for you and all your kind!
Lion: Was that a phantom?
An image...of the Shadow Lord?
The Shadow Lord? It can't be!
His powers can't have returned!
Then it is true.
The beastmen are trying to bring the Shadow Lord back.
You be careful, too.