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Rhapsodies of Vana'diel - What Lies Beyond
Skript Part 1: Norg - Zwischensequenz an der "Oaken Door"
Ya made it back!
Iroha's been pacin' back an' forth all day.
Upon my return, I spent hours turning over the master's words in my mind, and something came to gnaw at me.
I cannot shake the feeling it is related to what Lady Lion prophesized in Escha about the master's role in the coming battle against the darkness.
Somethin' 'bout yer orb needin' ta gain light?
Correct. We must create a world in which the master is able to fight.
An' what 'bout that bothers ya?
Think back upon your struggle with the Shadow Lord.
When we first met, many years from now, the master mentioned something that happened that day.
"I felt the crystal resonate within."
Please, try to think back.

Warrior of the Crystal--one who will become known as a Warrior of Light...
You have traveled/will travel across land, sea, and sky, bathed in the light and stopping darkness wherever it threatens the living.
And you will continue to banish the doubt that resides within you.
Such travels take their toll on lesser mortals, who retire to their homes and live out their lives in comfort.
But although you may stop briefly to gather your wits, each time you do so it is only to steel your resolve for the next struggle.
You have the will to shelter the downtrodden, vex the darkness, and protect all that Altana holds dear.
The time is right for you to become more than a mere warrior.
You will become greater...
For that is what is required of you.

Has it come back to you, Master?
You recalled with reverence those words, saying they gave you the strength of spirit to carry on no matter the odds.
Though your journeys were arduous and fraught with peril, the twinkle in your eyes as you recounted your tales gave me courage.
The reason you were able to lead us in the final struggle was precisely because of those many barriers you had overcome.
You taught me that the world was worth fighting for, no matter how bleak the future.
My father always spoke of you with adoration, believing that you were a man/woman of indisputable valor.
Banish your doubt, Master, so that you may become all you were meant to be!
Now that ya mention it, Iroha, just who is this father of yers?
Boss!!! Somethin' terrible has happened!
There's big trouble at Sea Serpent Grotto!
Boats are just turnin' and turnin' and no one can leave!
No boats are able ta make it ta Norg at all!
There was this infernal ringin' noise an' the boats are just spinnin' in place!
Ya mean ta say that all of this started happenin' at once?
...Wait. "Turnin' round and round..." "Spinnin' in place..."
Obviously they're both caused by the same thing.
The bell...
Does this mean ya know somethin', Zeid? Player Name?
Have any idea?
  • I'm not sure...
    Player Name, think back. We heard something similar in Escha, at the place that looked like the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah.
    Aha. So if ya two have experienced the same thing, then there's no one better ta get ta the bottom of this.
    We should head to the grotto, Player Name, but it'll be quicker if we split up. I'll go on ahead while you prepare.
    Master, I insist on accompanying you!
  • Just like in Escha...