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Rhapsodies of Vana'diel - Volto Oscuro
Skript Part 1: Zwischensequenz an der "Oaken Door" in Norg
Zeid here's told me 'bout how you resolved our li'l problem.
It concerns me that Iroha wasn't the only one who came from the future.
Perhaps she would be able to answer some of our questions...
If she were still here.
But Aldo may've found us someone who can help us anyway. Isn't that right?
I've managed to find someone familiar with Reisen Shrine.
Player Name, have you made the acquaintance of one known as Tenzen?
Do you know Tenzen?
  • Of course.
    I see. Then I scarce need to remind you that he/Perhaps the name gives it away, but he is a warrior hailing from the Far East.
    Some time ago, he appeared in Jeuno to appeal for aid to the Duke Vicarious...something about an “Emptiness” threatening to consume his homeland.
    This Emptiness thing of his surely must have some connection to the future Iroha was on about.
    Indeed. Remember, Player Name, that Siren mentioned a future without time?
    But back to this Tenzen...where is he?
    Word is that he concluded his business here and returned to his homeland.
    I'm having my men put out feelers.
    Good work, Aldo. See what ya can find out.
    Even if we succeed in findin' him, Player Name, we can't be sure he'll have any answers.
    But we won't know until we find him.
    In the interim, I will keep learning what I can about our imposter Zi'Tah.
    Here's a bit of a trifle from Jeuno. May it help you find answers...answers we need now more than ever...
  • Nope.