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Männlich Hume

Standort: Port Windurst (E-7)
Lokalisierung: Orastery


Don't tell me he's thinking of some sort of mischief again? Oh, Master Sigismund...!
We'll be late for our airship again. I've lost count of the number of flights we've missed!

(Auftrag:To Catch a Falling Star nach Annahme)
I see Master Sigismund has asked you to go get him a memento of Windurst to take back as a souvenir.
But what he doesn't realize about Starfall Tears is that they'll melt away in an instant if you touch them with your bare hands.
I've heard an old wives' tale that you can use Pugil Scales in order to pick them up.

(Auftrag:To Catch a Falling Star erledigt)
Master Sigismund won't compromise and take back any old present to his wife. And if you've ever met the woman, you wouldn't blame him!
But at this rate, we'll never be able to go home. Aaa~h, how I miss my family and friends.