The Tigress Strikes/Plot Details

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The Tigress Strikes - Windurst Waters (S)
Skript Part 1: Dhea Prandoleh Zwischensequenz
Dhea Prandoleh:
Hey, Player Name!
The Cobras are in an uprrroar over that Fort Karugo-Narugo fiasco!
Anaconda Mercenary Major Vashai took her mercenaries and set out as soon as she heard the news...
The boss is furrrious at bein' left in the dust!
The Cobras are not gonna stand for this!
You better be ready to rrroll out at any moment...
Dhea Prandoleh:
Whaddaya want with me?
Can't you see I'm busy!?
Oh, I just wanted to know if you've seen-areeno one of my students?
Dhea Prandoleh:One of your students?
You mean that little brrrat?
Ah. Yes. Ajido-Marujido.
I thought-aroo he was concen-toodily-trating on his studies...
A, e, R, O★AeRO.
C, U, R, e★CURe.
Good to see you practically-practicing your spell drill-areenos.
Why doodily-don't you take a break-aroo and have some tea?
H, o, L, y★HoLy!
M, e, t, E, O, r★MetEOr!
Two of Cups:
A, e, R, O★AeRO.
C, U, R, e★CURe.
I was completely done-doodily-duped...
Only the son of Zonpa-Zippa could show-aroo such mast-tasty-mastery over a cardian at such a young age-areeno...
Unless I miss my mark-aroo, that scamply-scamp is headed for Fort Karugo-Narugo.
Once he gets an idea in that stubbly-stubborn head of his...
You must go and drag-aroo that boy back by the scruffily-scruff of his neck-areeno!
Dhea Prandoleh:
What can you say to that?
Even if he is a brrrat, you can't leave him to the mercy of the birdmen.
Talk to Rotih Moalghett once you get to the fort.
She'll lend you a paw.
Don't worry, I'll explain the situation to the boss.
Skript Part 2: Rotih Moalghett Zwischensequenz
Rotih Moalghett:
Huh? What's an "Ajido"?
Oh, you mean that kid that just showed up?
Are you the kid's guarrrdian?
You should keep a closer eye on him!
Who lets a child come alone to a place like this?
I think he was tryin' to take a wander outside the walls of the fort...
There's nothing out here but dirt and cacti.
Where could they be hiding?
Ah, it's justaru a c-coeurl...
Weak against earth, as I recall.
I should be able to--
Romaa Mihgo:
Makes the fur on my ears stand up.

My skin is prickling...
Ever since those...things...showed up, all sorts of strrrange--
Perih Vashai:
Enough chatter.
Let's brrring these birdmen down.
Romaa Mihgo:
Hey, I was the one who told you about this attack.
Don't think you can just assume command and steal the Cobra's prey!
Perih Vashai:
Oh, rrrelax.
At least now the Tigresses are able to join in the fun.
Romaa Mihgo:
Are you rrready, ladies?
There will be no rrretreat.
Prrress the attack, or die in the attempt!
Perih Vashai:
Harden your hearts! Show no mercy!
Show them the drrreadful fangs of the Mithra!
Daughters of the jungle! Charge!

Skript Part 3: ??? in Fort Karugo-Narugo (S)
H-hey! Wh-who asked for your help!?
I-I would've been fine!
B-but...thank you anyway...
It's them!
The beastmen I saw...
Romaa Mihgo:
Don't do anythin' stupid.
Your little legs are shakin'!
Perih Vashai:
Your battle has brrrought the birdmen out of hiding.
Excellent work.
Romaa Mihgo:
What...what the hell is that!?
I read about them in one of the library's books.
Romaa Mihgo:
I've fought some nasty-looking crrritters in my time, but these creatures...
Perih Vashai:
We'll need all the support we can get.
You up for it, kid?
I am no ordinary child!
I am Ajido-Marujido!
Perih Vashai:
At my signal, my Anacondas will loose their arrows in a rrrain of death.
Use that confusion to blast those crrritters with the biggest spell you have.
Perih Vashai:
And you, the kid's guardian!
Slip around the carnage and join the Tigresses in their assault.
Wait for it...!
Romaa Mihgo:
Wh-what the...!?
The Scorpion War Warlocks were pinned down elsewhere, so I decided to come myself.
It appears you had the situation in hand...
I apologize for my late arrival.
I am Warlock Warlord Robel-Akbel.
You have my thanks, Mithra Mercenaries.
Your presence here has blunted what may otherwise have been a surprise slaughter.
Romaa Mihgo:
Cobra Mercenary Major Romaa Mihgo!
Perih Vashai:
Anaconda Mercenary Major Perih Vashai.
And we apprrreciate the help!
Ghyo Molkot:
And don't forget the Terrible Tigresses from Olzhirya!
Romaa Mihgo:
The Federation of Windurst welcomes our friends from across the sea!
But this attack...
Cunning even for the birdmen...
Perih Vashai:
Romaa Mihgo:
What's with him...?
Perih Vashai:
We're done here.
Take the child back to Windurst.
The Anacondas will look in on our sisters in Meriphataud.
You be seeing...?
As we being told.
This information come in useful...hoot!
“When the Harbinger cometh,
The Champions of the Dawn shall descend...”
The prophecy...
And what of the wings that illuminate the darkness...?
Skript Part 4: Dhea Prandoleh in Windurst Waters (S)
Dhea Prandoleh:
Oh, you're back!
Looks like the brrrat is in one piece!
Dhea Prandoleh:
I saw you fight at the fort, Player Name!
You sure know how to handle yourself!
All the Cobras are talkin' about it!
Things seem to have escalated since that Warlock Warlord got involved.
After we rrreturned to Windurst, the boss was summoned to Heavens Tower...
Romaa Mihgo:
I don't know who he thinks he is, but he's got nerve, puttin' a monopoly on my time...
Perih Vashai:
Knock it off, Romaa.
Ah, you're both here.
I apologize for monopolizing your time, Mercenary Majors.
The reason I ask for your counsel is regarding the practically separate movements of the War Warlocks and the Mithra Mercenaries...
This incident has convinced me of the need for a higher level of cooperation.
Perih Vashai:
Yes, I thought to suggest the very same thing.
There is more that could be accomplished if we coordinate our efforts.
There are more units arriving from the south every day, and we need organization to take full advantage of our strrrength.
But until rrrecently, we hadn't even laid eyes on you.
How do we know you can be trrrusted?
Romaa Mihgo:
Just as your War Warlocks have their...way of doing things, the Mithra have their own style of battle.
We're not here as your pet attack cats.
I expected you to voice such doubts.
I believe an audience with the Star Sibyl is in order...
Dhea Prandoleh:
The boss was prrretty surprised to meet the Star Sibyl herself.
It's that Warlock Warlord that surprrrises me, though.
Did you see...those wrrrappings?
Some say he was horribly injurrred in battle; others say he's worn the wrrrappings since birth.
In any case, no one has ever seen his face!
He goes to any length to claim victory, and often takes the field himself.
His allies seem to fear him almost as much as his enemies...
Why would the Parliament of Patrrriarchs elect such a sinister figure...?
Ah, Professor!
Thank the star-areenos you're safe!
This time I'll see your pin-piddly-punishment stick-a-doodily!
Back-aroo to school with you!
Here's my tank-diddly-thanks to you!
Dhea Prandoleh:
I'd take the chance to grrrab some rrrest.
You never know when the next duty will drrrop on you.
I think the boss has her eye on you, Player Name!
Keep your claws sharp!