The Tigress Stirs

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WotGicon.png The Tigress Stirs
("Und plötzlich kam die Dunkelheit...")
Auftraggeber: Dhea Prandoleh
Windurst Waters (S) bei (H-10) Nord
Voraussetzungen: Keine
The Mithra Mercenaries have set out towards Fort Karugo-Narugo to hunt down the Yagudo. You find yourself headed to the same destination in search of the impetuous young Ajido-Marujido...

Die Mithra-Söldnerinnen sind auf dem Weg zur Karugo-Narugo-Festung, um den Sturm der Yagudo auf die Festung zu verhindern. Ajido-Marujido hat es sich natürlich nicht nehmen lassen, sich alleine mitten in die Gefahrenzone zu begeben und du musst ihn nun beschützen!
~Dhea Prandoleh (Cobra Command, Windurst Waters)
Empfohlener Level: 30+
Beteiligte Items: Small starfruit Small starfruit
Belohnung: Vorheriger Auftrag: Nächster Auftrag
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The Tigress Stirs - Windurst Waters (S)
Skript Part 1: Windurst Waters (S) - Zwischensequenz
We ride for Sauromugue!
We'll teach those Yagudo to fear the Libran War Warlocks!
No retreataru, no surrender!
Hey! What're you doing, blocking the road like that!?
Hmph! Do you want to be known as the buffoon that injured Ajido-Marujido, Child Genius!?
: Is this the first time you've seen the War Warlocks?
Are you some sort of country bumpkin?
That squad is likely off to investigataru those...things.
Being from the country, you've probably seen one.
Weird monster with a gaping maw? Looks like it would swallow you whole?
Anyway, whatever it is, it isn't good.
I sense something dread-weadful on the horizon...
If only they would allow me to join the War Warlocks...
I'd use my skill at magic to solve this mystery and preserve the peace of Windurst all at the same time.
Why won't they recognize my talent?
Just because I am a child?
A genius is never appreciated in his own time...
But I can't be wasting time bantering with a bumpkin!
I have business with the Mithran Mercenaries.
And don't go blocking any more roads!

Ajido-Marujido drops an Inky black Yagudo feather as he rushes off...
Skript Part 2: Dhea Prandoleh in Windurst Waters (S)
Dhea Prandoleh:
Hey, aren't you Player Name from the Cobrrras?
Should you be slitherrring around like a lost viper?
We just got a new Mithra unit in from Olzhirya.
Why don't you join me in grrreeting them?
Ghyo Molkot:
I'm gonna make me a prrretty cloak outta Yagudo feathers!
Pluck pluck, pluckity-pluck!
Nhiko Rhaabel:
You never had any fashion sense...
Dhea Prandoleh:
And here they are...
Welcome to Windurst!
Ghyo Molkot:
Hehe, I couldn't wait to trrry my hand at some of the fishin' you've got here!
Nhiko Rhaabel:
Ghyo snagged a megalodon from the deck of the ship!
Took her three good wallops before it quieted down!
Sounds like you had an exciting trrrip.
Dhea Prandoleh:
This is the boss--Romaa Mihgo!
Ghyo Molkot:
So you're Romaa Mihgo?
I've heard tales of your ferrrocity.
Romaa Mihgo:
Now, now, there's no need for flatterrry.
We're glad to have you aboard.
But we're going to have to call you something other than the "Olzhiryan Volunteer Army...Mithra."
Think of a name for your unit.
Nhiko Rhaabel:
Huh? You want us to decide rrright now?
How about the "Butterfly Battalion"...?
Ghyo Molkot:
Ugh! Are you trrryin' to kill the Yagudo with fits of laughter?
Our company should have a vicious-soundin' name, like the "Terrible Tigresses."
Yeah, I like that!
Nhiko Rhaabel:
Isn't that kinda...?
Ah, there's no changing your mind...
Romaa Mihgo:
Rrright, Terrible Tigresses it is.
Welcome to Windurst.
As you can see, the city was rrrecently invaded by the Yagudo Theomilitary.

And they weren't here for tea and crrrumpets.
The Federal Forces do have the War Warlocks for this kind of thing, but they aren't exactly...intimidating.
That's where we come in.
My Cobra Unit and the Anaconda Unit have been fighting, prrrotecting the outskirts of the city.
You girrrls have just arrived, so you can tag along with us until you get your bearrrings.
And just so you know, the Cobras are the toughest and meanest soldiers in the Mithra Mercenaries.
You play with us, you play with poison!
Ghyo Molkot:
Hehe, just the way I like it!
Romaa Mihgo:
Show these beastmen how the Mithra crrrush their enemies!
Ghyo Molkot:
With pleasure!
You are Romaa Mihgo of the Cobra Unit?
Romaa Mihgo:
Hm? Who's this...?
I am Ajido-Marujido, Child Genius.
Dhea Prandoleh:
Huh? We're not playing games here, kid!
You think me some bratty child? The Mithra Mercenaries are as blind as the rest!
Dhea Prandoleh:
Did you want to keep that tongue, brrrat...?
Romaa Mihgo:
Aren't you Manustery Minister Zonpa-Zippa's son?
I'm not fond of ministrrry types...
My father has nothing to do with this!
I came here on my own agenda!
Romaa Mihgo:
The Yagudo are planning something at Fort Karugo-Narugo!
Romaa Mihgo:
Dhea Prandoleh:
This is just some brrrat's prrrank, Boss!
That's exactaruly how the War Warlocks responded.
But I've seen them with my own eyes.
Great big Yagudo flying through the air...
I was observing the comet from the roof, when I noticed feathered beastmen soaring towards Karugo-Narugo.
Dhea Prandoleh:
You gotta be kiddin' me...
Romaa Mihgo:
Go on.
And that's when I found...
Where is it!?
Hm? Aren't you the roadblock from earlier...?
Yes! This is it!
Thank you!
This fell from the sky.
Take a close look.
Romaa Mihgo:
Never seen anything like it.
Is this a Yagudo feather...?
Dhea Prandoleh:
Now that I think about it, Boss, there was a rrreport from the squad stationed in the Meriphataud Mountains.
They had sighted some rrreal menacing-looking Yagudo--downrrright frightening, apparently.
They disappeared in the flicker of an eye, so most took 'em to be birdmen illusions.
I didn't think it worth mentioning...until now.
Romaa Mihgo:
Neglecting to inform me of a potential thrrreat?
I'll mete out your punishment later.
Dhea Prandoleh:
I'm s-sorry, Boss!
Romaa Mihgo:
Are you ladies rrready to move out?
Ghyo Molkot:
After bein' crrramped up on that ship for so long?
You bet!
Nhiko Rhaabel:
Time to see if my blades have rrrusted in that sea air!
Romaa Mihgo:
Then assemble your unit and get moving.
We'll join you after rrrelaying this news to the Anacondas.
Ghyo Molkot:
Romaa Mihgo:
Hey there. Player Name, isn't it? Dhea, stop staring into space and get your kit rrready!
Dhea Prandoleh:
Y-yes, Boss!
I wish I could go with them...
I've found-a-roo you!
Professor Koru-Moru!
You've skipped out-areeno on my class for the last-lostily time!
I was justaru around the corner!
And I was coming right back!
I've had enough-a-rough of your excuses!
No more nice-diddily-ice guy!
I've done-diddly-decided
You are to stay-areeno in your room until you've learn-doodily-earned some respect-aroo!
You're going to confine my genius!?
Now come-aroo with me!
(Roadblock! I need your help!)
(Have you seen a starfruit before?
I've buried one in West Sarutabaruta.)
(I wantaru you to dig it up and bring it to the school...!)
If anything hip-diddly-happened to you, who knows what Zonpa-Zippa would, say-aroo to me!
This is a crime againstaru free thinking!

Skript Part 3: Acolyte Hostel in Windurst Waters (S) bei (K-6)
Now where-areeno have I seen you be-fiddly-fore?
You want-aroo to speak with Ajido-Marujido?
He's finally re-toodily-turned to his studies.
You're here!
Did you bring what I asked for?
Here, you can have this, along with my thanks.
Now everything is falling into place...

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