The Shadow Awaits

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Windursticon.png The Shadow Awaits (Der Schatten droht)
Windurst (5.2)
Auftraggeber: Mokyokyo - Windurst Waters (F-5) Nord
Janshura-Rashura - Port Windurst (B-5)
Rakoh Buuma
 - Windurst Woods (K-10)
Zokima-Rokima - Windurst Walls (H-7)
Voraussetzungen: Keine
As written in the stars and interpreted by the Star Sibyl, you are destined to journey to Castle Zvahl, which towers over Xarcabard, the end of the known lands. There, you are to witness what fate has in store for our world.

Die Sternensibylle liest in den Sternen, dass du dazu ausersehen bist, zum Zvahl-Schloss zu reisen, das über Xarcabard, dem Ende der bekannten Welt, in den Himmel ragt. Dort sollst du herausfinden, welches Schicksal unserer Welt bevorsteht.
Empfohlener Level: 70+
Beteiligte Items: Star crested summons Star crested summons
Shadow fragment Shadow fragment
Belohnung: Vorherige Mission: Nächste Mission
Währung 20.000 Gil

Rank 6

Zugang zu Dynamis

Rise of the Zilart Missionen freigeschaltet
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  • Um diese Mission erhalten zu können müsst ihr eure Rank Point sogut wie voll haben. Gebt einem Conquest Overseer in Bastok dafür Kristalle.

  • Klickt die Tür im Throne Room und wählt "The Shadow Lord Battle" für den Kampf.
  • Ihr habt 30 Minuten Zeit.
  • Alter Egos verschwinden beim Betreten des Schlachtfeldes, können aber auf dem Schlachtfeld gerufen werden
  • "Stärkungen" via Magie gehen beim Betreten verloren
  • Der Kampf - erste Form:
    • Die erste Form ist abwechselnd gegen magischer oder physischer Attacke immun.
    • Er wechselt die Immuität alle 5 Minuten oder alle 1.000 Schadenspunkte
  • Der Kampf - zweite Form:
    • Die zweite Form führt mächtige AoE-Angriffe aus.
    • Sie hat ca. 4.000 Schadenspunkte.

Spoiler Plot Details Spoiler

The Shadow Awaits - Windurst
Skript Part 1: Windurst Walls - Mission akzeptieren
Rakoh Buuma:
I just rrreceived word that the conference of ministers has ended.
Together with that announcement came another Star crested summons addressed to you. You had better rrrush on over to Heavens Tower again.
Skript Part 2: Heavens Tower - "Vestal Chamber"
Star Sibyl:
I have been awaiting your return, Player Name.
It has been decided that Windurst will not take any military action against the Shadow Lord.
There are still too many unanswered questions. Any action now would erase what we have worked so hard to build with the Yagudo.
However, we must put a stop to the Shadow Lord's return. We cannot allow Vana'diel to be thrust back into a war.
That is where you come in.
I would like you to travel to Castle Zvahl and prevent the resurrection of the Shadow Lord.
I believe in you, Player Name. Let the stars guide you to victory on your celestial journey.
Skript Part 3: Throne Room - 1st Klick an der Tür
Could this be...
Yes, it is the tomb of the Shadow Lord!
Shadow Lord
Ah, the dark knight...
It's been twenty years since we last met, Zeid.
Zeid:No! How is this possible? I defeated you!
Shadow Lord:
I cannot die. Not until I have eradicated you and your kind from this world.
So it is true... I suspected as much since we last met. You are a Galka!
Shadow Lord:Thirty years ago, I was in a group that came to this cursed land, seeking to uncover the secrets of a lost civilization.
And it is here that I fell, betrayed by one I trusted with my life.
My friend Ulrich could not abide the fact that I was the best swordsman of the Mythril Musketeers. That I was advocating peace with the beastmen at the time was not to his liking, either.
Cornelia died protecting me...
But I came back. Not even death could keep me from exacting revenge on those who wronged me.
A power hidden deep beneath the earth gave me a new form and granted me control over the nether beasts.
It was then that I became aware--that I was made aware--of the dark anger smoldering deep within my soul.
I realized it was not revenge that drove me, but the old, undying anger of our race: the wrath of the Galka!
Others cannot fathom the depth of our rage.
But I cast myself willingly into its flames, and broke the chains of mortality!
Your kind awoke the fury within me, and I was reborn into rage incarnate--as the Shadow Lord!
I swore to myself then to purge this world of your kind, and I will not rest until I crush every last one of you!
I underestimated you twenty years ago, but I will not make that mistake again!
What!? No!
Shadow Lord:
Stand there and watch, Zeid. Search within for the dark rage, the flame that burns in the souls of all Galka!
Now...I will cleanse this world of your filth, unless I am first consumed by fury!
Come, it is the hour of reckoning! Death itself failed to stay my wrath. Let us see if you can do any better!
Skript Part 4: Zwischensequenz beim Betreten des Heavens Tower
Star Sibyl:
One great star has fallen...
No... It cannot be...
That is not the star that I...
Skript Part 5: Heavens Tower - "Vestal Chamber"
Star Sibyl:
I am pleased to witness your safe return, Player Name.
I cannot express in words the gratitude that I, and the country of Windurst, feel for you.
For now, your duty is done.
Until the stars call on you once again...

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