The Path Untraveled/Plot Details

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Rhapsodies of Vanadiel - The Path Untraveled
Skript Part 1: Shatterd Telepoint Crag von Mea
What you seek lies only a few steps ahead...
Player Name... Why? Why am
Am I still dreaming? Or can it really be...?
Lately, I've seen the strangest visions...
People fled to the four corners of Vana'diel, futilely trying to escape an ever-growing cloud of darkness.
And there I stood, frozen, my legs unable to do so much as quiver.
The mothercrystal's vision can't be simple happenstance.
Our world has remained resilient thanks to mothercrystals' blessings.
But what if it is our turn to protect her?
In my dream, an infernal gloom obscured the mothercrystal from view.
This mothercrystal isn't the only one, of course, and I've no way of knowing if I'm even at the right one...
Wait--does that mean you've seen the same vision?
...I see. Then this "Iroha" came from a future where much the same thing has happened.
Then the beastmen that ravage the three nations are not to blame. So...
So what is this "Emptiness"?
She might be the only one with the answers I seek.
Where could we run into her again?
"Giving up" isn't in my vocabulary, yet we've no choice but to hold off for now.
In the meantime, I'd like you to go to the place I saw in my dream. I'd go myself, but....
How about it?
  • I'll go.
    Thank you. I'm pretty sure the place I saw was somewhere near Jeuno.
    Where did the vision take place?
  • Lower Jeuno.
  • Delkfutt's Tower.
  • Qufim Island.
    That's it! It's so clear to me now!
    I wish I could go with you, but know that I'm there in spirit.
    It doesn't take a soothsayer to know that darkness bodes ill. Stay safe.
  • I can't right now.
  • Uh...go where, exactly?