The New Frontier

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RotZicon.png The New Frontier (Eine neue Welt)
Rise of the Zilart (RotZ 1.0)
Auftraggeber: Keiner
Voraussetzungen: The Shadow Awaits od.
Xarcabard, Land of Truths od.
The Shadow Lord
Vana'diel is expanding day by day.

What adventures await you in the Outlands?

Vana'diel wird von Tag zu Tag größer.

Welche Abenteuer erwarten dich in den Außenländern?
Empfohlener Level: 50+
Beteiligte Items:
Belohnung: Vorherige Mission: Nächste Mission
Map of Norg Map of Norg  x 1
Keine Welcome t'Norg >>


  • Die Mission ist von Anfang an aktiv.
  • Um sie zu beenden, müsst ihr in einer der Nationen Rank 6 erreichen.
  • Geht nach Norg für eine Zwischensequenz, welche die Mission beendet.

Spoiler Plot Details Spoiler

The New Frontier - Norg
Skript Part 1: Betreten von Norg
Hold it right there, buddy. This ain't no café. What business do you have here?
You finally made it, Player Name.
You don't have to worry about Player Name. He's/She's okay.
Anyway, I thought you guys welcomed adventurers.
Well, for starters, I should welcome you to Norg.
However, as much as I'd like to sit down and talk about old times over a bottle of 813 Rolanberry, we must first face our new problem with Kam'lanaut.
You mean you don't remember what happened at Castle Zvahl?
.......Player Name......

It all began with a stone, or so the legend says.
In ages past, a sentient jewel, enormous and beautiful, banished the darkness. Its many-colored light filled the world with life and brought forth mighty gods.
Bathed in that light, the world entered an age of bliss until, after a time, the gods fell into slumber. That world was called Vana'diel.
The legend goes on to say...
From the darkest depths of the earth the Warriors of the Crystal rose...

Do you remember?
Yes... I do now.
Raogrimm, it is good to have you back. How has all this come to be?
As you know, I was the Talekeeper of the Galka--the keeper of our race's memories. But there was so much pain, so much anger...
I let myself become trapped in a dark abyss of swirling rage and madness...
People are capable of kindness beyond angels, yet we also commit sins that would put a demon to shame...
We all stand precariously on the edge between darkness and light... And when we fall, we are greeted by only madness and chaos.
And so I have fallen...
Quite an interesting show you put on.
I don't know. It could have used a little more excitement.
The Galka can never do anything right.
The Archduke of Jeuno and... What are you two doing here!?
We come to reap the seeds that we have sown.
You've performed your duty well, as ignorant as you are.
I can see that we still have a little more cleaning up to do, but that won't be a problem.
What are you going on about? Give us some answers!
Listen carefully, you sorry excuses for sentient beings. The Crystal Line will soon be revived and the Gate of the Gods will open.
That is when the true Vana'diel of legend will be reborn.
Eternal paradise. The land of the gods. The dream we Zilart have held on to for ten thousand years is about to become a reality.
Zilart? You... You can't be! That civilization perished thousands of years ago!

The great bane will devour the fair land of Vana'diel.
he ancient seal will be broken, awakening nightmares of ages past.
The blood of innocents will soak the earth, and the world will fall into fear and despair.

Hah! Galka, Humes, beastmen--no life on this planet has any purpose or meaning.
Like I told you before, we will not be handing over Vana'diel to anyone. This is our world.
Yes, I am no longer sensing the impurities that were blocking the power that lies deep within Vana'diel. The "noise" has gone.
Simply defeating "him" twenty years ago did not silence the noise.
We ran into a snag. We were unable to release him from the crystal with our power alone.
However, with the Talekeeper, we had what we needed. But there is no need to go into the details of that here.
I can hear them...
I can hear the five lifeforces...
I can hear them approaching...
Minions of the Crystal.

But as one bright star shines through the clouds at night...
And as one song rings clear above the roar of beasts...
We hold to one hope in these darkest of times.

This world is nothing but a grave, and you are the maggots that squirm through the rotting corpse.
It is time we put an end to Vana'diel as it is now.
Hear us! We sing the song of hope...and your requiem!

That they will come, with the wisdom of ages and the strength of thousands, to deliver us from our plight.
We await the awakening of the Warriors of the Crystal.

Come forth, Warriors of the Crystal, and cleanse this world of the filth that plagues it.
Warriors of the Crystal!?
Farewell, lowly vermin. Your time is up.
This is the beginning of the end.
Finish them, Warriors of the Crystal!
Zeid! Are you alright?
Don't underestimate them... Their power is immeasurable...
No! PlayerName
You'd have to be crazy to stay any longer. We've got to get out of here!
Oh, no you don't!
I can still draw energy from this land. If I can concentrate it for one last time, I may be able to slow them down.
There is no salvation for me. The Raogrimm who you once knew is gone forever.
I expect no forgiveness for what I have done, but...
Don't let them have Vana'diel.
Now, go!
Come on! This way, hurry!
Farewell, brave warrior!
One does not need to be a prophet to foresee the outcome of this battle. However, I do not fear death.
Shadow Lord:
My true self died thirty years ago... All that remains is an empty shell...
Cornelia... Finally, we may meet again...

Hey, Player Name. Are you alright?
You mean you had forgotten what had happened at Castle Zvahl?
You must have lost your memory from the overwhelming shock of the whole experience.
But by the looks of you, everything else seems to be working.
See that staircase over there? When you're feeling a little better, walk up those stairs and come to the room at the end of the hallway.
There's someone I'd like you to meet. I'll go there first and tell him that you're coming.
Oh, and here, take this Map of Norg. Think of it as a present from a friend.
Skript Part 2:

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