The Mothercrystals

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CoPicon.png The Mothercrystals (Die Mutterkristalle)
(CoP 1.3)
Auftraggeber: Keiner
Voraussetzungen: Keine
The first mothercrystal has been tainted with Emptiness. Hurry to the remaining crags to find out if any other stones have met the same fate.

Das erste Mutterkristall wurde durch Leere verdorben. Begib dich schnell zu den verbleibenden Crags, um herauszufinden, ob andere Kristalle dasselbe Schicksal ereilt hat.
Empfohlener Level: Level 50+
Beteiligte Items: Light of Holla Light of Holla
Light of Dem Light of Dem
Light of Mea Light of Mea
Belohnung: Vorherige Mission: Nächste Mission

Zutritt zu Lufaise Meadows

Zutritt zu Tavnazian Safehold

Zutritt zu Misareaux Coast

1.500 EXP / 4.500 EXP gesamt
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  • Betretet die "Craigs" via "Shattered Telepoint" und über diese die Promyvion.
  • Schlagt euch zum "Spire of Mea/Dem/Holla" durch.
  • Im "Spire of Mea/Dem/Holla" betretet ihr euer Schlachtfeld und müsst euch einem Monster stellen.
    • Diese sind anfällig auf sogenannte Animas - Psychoanima, Hysteroanima und Terroanima.
    • Diese "Anima" bekommt ihr von Harith über den Auftrag Empty Memories.
      • Psychoanima - alle Kämpfer erhalten einen Status, welcher das Monster den Status "intimidated by players" gibt, alle Nahkampfattacken werden somit verhindert - 30 Sekunden.
      • Hysteroanima - alle Spezialattacken des Monster werden verhindert, zwar werden sie ausgeführt aber nicht ausgelöst, bei den letzten 20% HP des Monster ist es ratsam die "Anima" zu verwenden.
      • Terroanima - das Monster läuft vor dem Kämpfer weg, der am meisten "Hate" zum Monster hat.
  • Klickt in den "Spires" das "Web of Recollectoins" und wählt "Ancient Flames Beckon." an, um das Schlachtfeld zu betreten.

  • Nachdem ihr den letzten der Emptiness besiegt habt, findet ihr euch, nach einer Zwischensequenz, in Lufaise Meadows wieder.

Ab Level 70+ sind die Monster ohne Schwierigkeiten im Alleingang zu bezwingen, Alter Egos können zu Hilfe gerufen werden.

Spoiler Plot Details Spoiler

The Mothercrystals - Chains of Promathia
Skript Part 1: Promyvion - Mea - Spire of Mea
You shouldn't move any closer...

Amazing. I don't know who you are, but I commend you on your ability to make it this far. There she is. The mothercrystal. Well, what do you think? Can't you feel her power? Can't you feel her marvelous light streaming through your body? Can't you feel the endless joy she brings? The light from this crystal feeds our souls and keeps us alive... It keeps the whole world alive. And that is why we cannot forgive any who attempt to harm the crystal. !? Who are...
What are you doing here!? That... That darkness...!
The end of Vana'diel... The world stands on the brink of oblivion. The final battle betwixt the Twilight God and the Dawn Goddess is at hand. And not a single soul shall escape its devastation...

Skript Part 2: La Theine Plateau - Klick auf den "Shattered Telepoint"
Hm...? Someone seems to have arrived here before us.
You! What are you doing here?
Calm down, Ayame. He's/She's an adventurer. It's his/her job to go adventuring.
We're here to investigate something. It could get pretty dangerous, so I suggest taking a few steps back if you know what's good for you.
Why, Cid. What business do you have here today?
Well, if it isn't little Wolfgang. How have you been?
We're here to check out the Crystal Line. Recently I've been receiving some very strange readings from this area.
According to the data retrieved by a Republican party that visited here last month, the once stable energy flow has begun to fluctuate.
I've never seen such high readings...
The flow of energy is so overwhelming that the Telepoint you see over there was shattered to pieces! And now there are reports that a giant beast appeared over the sea, just to the north of Delkfutt's Tower.
I have a bad feeling that these two events are connected, and that they're warning us of something worse to come.
I understand that research inclines you to pursue these matters. However, I ask that you leave the investigation to the Duchy.
So the Duchy knows the cause of all these strange phenomena?
Not exactly.
We have numerous parties investigating the situation. However, many of those sent into the field have...vanished.
We cannot allow any more accidents. The damage to Vana'diel would be great if we were to lose such an important engineer as you, Cid.
Let me guess... The scientists back in Jeuno told you to get rid of all those who got in their way.
Who do they think they are!?
Come to think of it, I have good reason to believe that it's those lunatics that are causing all this trouble!
Wh-what is going on!?
Skript Part 3: Promyvion - Holla - Zwischensequenz
...Come, Player Name...
...Wheels motion...
...Heed...your destiny......

Skript Part 4: Promyvion - Holla - Spire of Holla
...can...feel it...
...This dream......
Skript Part 5: Hall of Transference/Konschtat Highlands - Zwischensequenz
Hah, so you've finally arrived.
I heard that you were poking your nose into matters at the second crag, so I naturally assumed that this would be the next place you'd visit.
Hm? Alone, are we?
Well, I see you are not as foolish as I thought. You may think you have the upper hand now, but I, too, have a few tricks up my sleeve.
The only thing I care about is that boy. One less adventurer in my way would only be a benefit to me.
Wolfgang. Kill him/her.
But sir...
While he/she was seen with the boy, our research on him/her has turned up no evidence of any other connections. I do not feel that Player Name's crimes warrant his/her death.
Wolfgang, you asked what the purpose behind this place was, and I'm certain I explained matters clearly.
It is a citadel, built to protect the mother of all life on Vana'diel--the crystal.
Only we know that secret--and as the secret's keepers, we are eternally bound to this place as her protectors.
However, darkness has already befallen the crystals within two of the crags. The boy was present at both, and it was Player Name who led him.
B-but...what of proof?
Proof? What more proof do we need? Where Player Name is, the boy is sure to follow.
And here he is now.
You, boy without a name, you know the darkness of which I speak.
The darkness that the Dawnmaidens have feared for thousands of years.
The darkness that eats away at the very soul of Vana'diel.
The darkness known as the "Emptiness."
And you.
You were born with the Emptiness. You brought it with you into our world.
From where did you bring it?
Not going to answer, are we?
Wolfgang, do you need any more proof?
Do not forget your duty as the captain of the Ducal Guard. Any more hesitation in your decision-making and you'll end up like your father...
You. Does the specimen need to be alive for us to collect sufficient data?
Of course not, sir.
He... He didn't fight back?

...Come, Player Name
...Why you struggle...?
...Face...the darkness...
...Face...your inner...self.....

Skript Part 6: Promyvion - Dem - Raum des Mothercrystals - Zwischensequenz nach dem Sieg
That evil boy has released the darkness!
The Emptiness is destruction that knows not of its destructive force.
Even the Dawnmaidens, who fear neither man nor god, tremble in the presence of this hideous darkness.
The Emptiness is...?
Why can he touch the crystal!?
You will never betray me.
The will of the crystal is aligned with the will of this world.
Yes... That which was broken into five parts...
There will be no salvation.
It exists within the soul of every living person. We are all "vessels."
Let us pray.
To the goddess... To all the gods...
Ugh... Where is this place?
Somewhere far to the west, I feel...
What in the...!?
Look at that!
The sky is tearing!
Ooh! A castaway!
Where'd this one wash up from?
We gotta go tell someone!
But before we do... <rustle, rustle>

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