The Lost Avatar/Plot Details

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Rhapsodies of Vana'diel - The Lost Avatar
Skript Part 1: ??? nach dem Sieg über Siren
Volto Oscuro:
It's over, Siren.
Face us!
I fear that will not be the last we see of that...thing.
To think my charms turned against me...
I thank you, Player Name.
Can it truly be called a future if there is naught left in existence?
I am unfit to call myself a high power when I am unable to act of mine own accord...and succumb to the forces that threaten our land.
That creature appeared before my visage and sunk its teeth into my very soul.
But what is it? If you call yourself a higher power, does that mean that one is higher still?Siren:
My puissance pales in comparison.
It took me to a future...a bleak future, where my wings fluttered despite myself, carrying me upon the wind.
It called itself the "ambassador of the void," yet I cannot tell from whence it came, nor why it chose to appear before me.
Nor can I fathom whether or not it was acting of its own volition.
This "ambassador" is likely from the future, as Iroha alluded to.
We cannot ascertain where it might strike next, yet its power is palpable. Be on your guard, Player Name.
Thy companion's words ring true. The threads of fate doth tie thee together with the abomination.
...And with the girl as well.
But she is gone.
Do not give in to trepidation. She shall appear before you once more, when all seems lost. The blessing enveloping ensures it.
I shall lend you my power should you swear to protect this land.
Do you swear to watch over our world, our Vana'diel?
What will you do?
  • Swear to protect Vana'diel.
    Let your communion with nature reverberate throughout the sky and sea!
    I shall always remain true in the depths of your heart.
    You are blessed to have Siren be your protector, Player Name.
    This should ensure that Sea Serpent Grotto remains safe and Norg accessible to all.
    I shall go on ahead and report to Gilgamesh. Join me once you have finished your tasks here.
  • Refuse.