The Call of the Wyrmking/Plot Details

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Chains of Promatia - The Call of the Wyrmking
Skript Part 1: Zwischensequenz an dem "Departures Entrance" in Port Bastok
Hey you! Yeah, I'm talkin' to you!
Is that big hunk of junk yours?
I said, is that thing yours? Don't make me repeat myself again, if you know what's good for you!
This thing... Do you mean the airship?
No, I mean the funny thing you're wearing on your head... Of course I mean the airship!
Well, yes. This airship was built by the Republic's top engineer, Cid.
Alright, where is this Cid guy? C'mon, bring him on out!
Ah... Um... If you are looking for Cid, he should be in his laboratory in the Metalworks...
Got it!
Now how the hell am I supposed to find this Mentalworks place...?
Skript Part 2: Zwischensequenz in "Cid's Lab" in den Metalworks
Well, that was exciting...
Hm? You're looking for that rude and crude little girl?
Well, why didn't you say so!?
We thought she might go causing trouble, so...
So we threw the vagrant into one of our holding cells.
Lady Cornelia has been keeping the girl company.
Master Cid, have you sustained any injuries?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
But it's our little guest that I'm worried about. She seems pretty confused and upset. I was going to let her rest a while before I tried talking to her.
Oh, don't worry. She hasn't done anything wrong, and there are no plans of punishing her any further.
She'll be let go once we've sorted a few things out...
Do you know what she was yelling about earlier?
All this nonsense about airships and Wyrmkings... I couldn't make heads or tails of it...
Armored airships?
Hooded scientists?

The scientists are probably the ones from Jeuno.
As for the airships, all I can think is that they might be the ones modified for battle during the Great War. But that project was canceled after the allied forces defeated the Shadow Lord's armies.
I know because I was a member of the project!
Twenty years ago, I get this invitation from the duke himself to work on a secret project for the Duchy. Minus myself and a few other scientists from Windurst, all the rest of the people assigned to the project are these creepy, pale-faced men in dark, hooded robes.
They rarely showed their faces in public, but from what I saw, the knowledge and technology they possessed was far superior to anything I had ever seen anywhere on Vana'diel.
Why, the "crystal propulsion unit" that they had developed was years ahead of its time.
But it required an energy source more powerful than that which the eight elemental crystals found on Vana'diel could provide.
What were the Jeunoan scientists using to power their unit, and where did they discover that power?
I was determined to find out, so I started watching them every chance I got.
It wasn't long before I noticed that they were conducting a lot of strange experiments around the Crag of Holla/Dem/Mea, but I couldn't put my finger on exactly what they were doing...
And now they've restarted the project! But why are they sending the airships to Tavnazia...?
To catch Bahamut, that's why!
Cid, this is Prishe. She's feeling much better than she was before.
I think she's ready to talk.
Thanks, Cornelia.
So, Prishe. First, let me apologize for keeping you locked up for so long. No hard feelings, alright?
But I need you to tell me, who is this Bahamut you keep talking about?
Oh, you mean the Wyrmking. Well, everything was all fine and dandy until one day, all of a sudden, this huge dragon appears over my hometown.
We were going to meet this dragon and try to knock some sense into him when out of nowhere, a huge airship contraption with all these guns and cannons flies up.
We were right in the middle of giving the guys from that ship a sound beating until poof, I'm warped to this hellhole.
You were actually fighting against the Duchy?
Hey, we weren't just going to sit there and let them kill Bahamut! Anyway, it was Jeuno who took the first shots.
If I only had a little more time, I could have found out what the Wyrmking meant when he was talking about the Keeper of the Apocalypse...
Keeper of the Apocalypse...
I've heard that name somewhere before...
I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I can sense that something big is going down.
At the same time that the Telepoint at Dem shattered, I heard a report of a giant dragon appearing over the sea north of Jeuno.
If that dragon was actually Bahamut, then we can conclude that the two events are in some way connected.
Then that's all the more reason to get back to Riverne and try meeting with the Wyrmking one more time!
C'mon, let's head for Jeuno!
Jeuno? After all that's happened, why would you want to go there?
I've got an old friend who works at the Tenshodo. If I ask him, he'll be more than happy to ready a boat back to Tavnazia.
Well, I'll be seeing you guys around! Thanks for all the hospitality!
Hey, wait!
How do you plan on traveling to Jeuno? Do you even know how far it is!?