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Rhapsodies of Vana'diel - The Beginning
Skript Part 1: Gespräch mit Tonasav
We're settin' sail fer Norg, landlubber! Hopefully you can handle the rough seas.
Travel to Norg?
  • Yes.
    Hoist the sails, mateys! We're off!
  • No.
    Bwahaha, take all the time ye need!
Skript Part 2: Zwischensequenz in Norg - Oaken Door
Didya get bumped about by the waves on yer way here, Player Name? No matter. The boss be waitin' inside fer ya.
Oho! Would ya look who's decided ta join us!
I am both humbled and honored to be able to exchange words with you once more.
I have followed your instructions to the letter. Months upon years have I toiled, seeking guidance from both man and the heavens, never once letting my training or dedication falter.
All this I have done so that we may meet once more.
Unworthy though your disciple Iroha may be, her words and emotions are true.
How do you respond?
  • Who?
  • Master?
    Ya got krill in yer ears, boy/girl? She's callin' you her master!
    What kind of master runs around fergettin' who their pupils are?
    Ya mean to say ya don't remember her at all?
    What's all this malarkey?
    Do not get angry at him/her. It is only natural that he/she not remember me.
    I have wholly lost track of what year this is. 884, correct?
    This time is many, many years before I came to be, and my presence here is somewhat of an anomaly.
    Did ya hit yer head 'fore I found ya floating adrift or somethin'?
    You mean to say...that you haven't been born yet?
    Then how'd ya get here?
    I come from an age far in the future, when Vana'diel stands on a precipice--and the master is the only one who can guide me.
    So you mean to say that Player this master of yours?
    And from that outfit yer wearing, I'd wager ya were born in the Far East.
    That is correct. I am the guardian of Reisen Shrine, and have a strong link with the heavens as its chief priestess.
    Oho. I know the particulars of the eastern faith are a bit foreign ta the rest of us, but Altana remains a central figure even there.
    So that'd make ya a religious authority, then?
    And let me guess. The power of the spirits sent you back ta our time?
    They set me adrift so that I may prevent the darkness which has engulfed my era.
    What's this then? You're going to have to be a bit more straightforward.
    Does this mean that the beastmen end up victorious in the end? Or is it something far more nefarious?
    Master, do I have your leave to show them our reality?
    How do you respond?
  • That's probably best.
    By your will.
    In the age from whence I hail, Vana'diel is gripped in the vise of fear.
    In my homeland, we refer to it as "Emptiness," a blanket of darkness that infects all it touches.
    The master is our only light of hope. He/She halted the advance of such a sinister force once, and we are confident that he/she can do it again.
    Many months and years passed. I came to be in this world and trained diligently under the master's gentle hand. Yet it was not long before the skies began to cloud...both figuratively and literally.
    It descended like a thick miasma, stifling the land under a blanket of silence.
    I looked into the master's eyes and could see the truth. My homeland was not the only victim. Quon, Mindartia, Adoulin...
    The end times were upon us, and both man and Goddess were powerless to stop it.
    But did ya survive?
    The master and my father sacrificed themselves.
    My mother is from an island known as Reisenjima, the land where the final struggle took place.
    Vanquishing the Emptiness was but a fantasy. It was all I could do to erect a barrier to halt its advance.
    A Pyrrhic victory, indeed, as the walls of Reisenjima's sanctorum could do naught but echo back my own solitary cries.
    I was trapped for several years, when a spirit descended from the heavens to alight on a nearby brazier.
    She told me that there was only one speck of hope that could save us...
    The master. I was to find the master and join my light with his/hers.
    The spirits opened a path for me, guiding me back this point in Vana'diel's history.
    Master, I would like to give you this, lest I forget to do so at a later juncture.
    From what you told me, there will be many trials posed to you before you finally set foot in the land you know today as the Far East.
    Keep this by your side and the path will remain open to you, always.
    Follow its guidance and it will lead you unfailingly to my time. However...
    Now jus' hang on a minute. If we jus' follow it without doin' anythin' else, we'll just end up at yer apocalyptic future where yer the only one left alive, right?
    ...That is correct. However, the master surely has the capacity to experience both with the Emptiness, and one without.
    Please...find a way
    I cannot...stay...long...
  • It's better they not know.
    Ahem! Who do ya think risked life and limb to save your pupil there from becomin' shark chow!?
Skript Part 3: Iroha ist verschwunden

What in blazes--!?
Player Name, I can't make heads or tails of the whole thing. Think she's tellin' the truth?
This warrants further study. I'll see if my agents can pick up on anything.
<Sigh> I've ne'er been too good at dealin' with complex twists and turns.
Gimme some time ta collect me thoughts.