Suspicious Hume

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Suspicious Hume.jpg
Suspicious Hume
Männlich Hume

Standort: Pashhow Marshlands (E-12)

Zusätzlicher Dialog


Suspicious Hume: Hist!
Thou canst see the light, canst thou not? It seems thou hast the talent for which I have been searching.
Eke, thy training hath not been in vain. My only question is that, with thy great powers, dost thou not tire of this corporeal realm?
How do I know of thy deepest desires?
'Tis only natural, for the soul doth constantly yearn for greener pastures.
Yet the pasture it hath been given is finite. Each soul's lot is to one day meet with its fence. Such wanion!
Yet what if there were a method by which it could escape its confines and begin life anew?
Shouldst thou be enchanted with these adumbrations, procurest for one of my brethren a Rabbit hide, a Lizard tail, or a Two-leaf mandragora bud.
They reside in Northern San d'Oria, Port Bastok, and Port Windurst. To which thou yede is of no matter, as their message shall be the same.
Whether or not thou undertakest this effortless swink to free thyself from thy shackles is a choice which is wholly thine to make.


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