Spirits Awoken

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RoVicon.png Spirits Awoken (Das Erwachen des Geistes)
Auftraggeber: Keiner
Voraussetzungen: Keine
A samurai from the Far East, Tenzen, has made landfall in Norg, claiming the orb can provide guidance to those who wield it. This time, a vision bids you to head for Delkfutt's Tower.

Ein Samuraikrieger namens Tenzen aus den "Far East" ist nach Norg gekommen. Er erklärt, dass das "Orb" allen Hilfe bietet, die es zu tragen verstehen. Eine neue Vision will, dass ihr zum "Delkfutt's Tower" geht.
Empfohlener Level: 81+
Beteiligte Items:
Belohnung: Vorherige Mission: Nächste Mission
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Rhapsodies of Vana'diel - Spirits Awoken
Skript Part 1: Zwischensequenz im "Delkfutt's Tower"
How do you respond?
  • Are you all right?
    It is nothing. I needed a few days of respite.
    I pray it was the orb that led you here?
    For a brief moment I feared that we would not meet again in this world.
    I have learned that all the energies of the mothercrystals converge upon this very tower.
    ...And that is why I have come. To see if we may be able to borrow but a fraction so that we may set things right.
    The crystal...it murmured something to me...
    "The chains of Promathia."
    The crystal has laid out a path for you to walk, and I fear it is one you must traverse without my aid.
    You must strive ever forward, finding a chance meeting that could decide the fate of Vana'diel.
    Have anything to say?
  • I'd like you to meet Tenzen.
    You...you wish for me to meet a man named Tenzen from the Far East?
    I should not be so taken aback. It is only natural for my path to cross with his in this era.
    Of course I am intimately familiar with...Sir Tenzen.
    He was the one who strongly insisted that I train under you and learn all I can.
    So it shall be.
    But before that can happen, you must pass the trials set before you by the chains of Promathia.
    Recall what happened between you and Lion. The flow of even the mightiest river can be altered with a single stone.
  • Where will you go?
    The appearance of new rifts in Vana'diel has surely not escaped your notice.
    I feel it prudent to examine them for myself.
    With your leave.
  • What happened?

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