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  • …overed by a giant star tree that is so big, its roots are said to hold the world together. It's the most famous spot in the whole of Windurst, so you should
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  • …ome big, hungry tiger with a craving for juicy Tarutaru hiding behind that tree right over there! Until I've checked this place out first, I want you three …ver forget the battles we fought--side by side.<br>Over the centuries, the world has become cluttered with several new forms of man.<br>However, if the Kulu
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  • …adiate forth.<br>The five shards--the mothercrystals--are what support our world.<br>We, the Duchy, have taken it upon ourselves to inherit the will of the
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  • |Name = The Twin World Trees …is the dark disease that threatens to consume Yggdrasil? How can the World Tree be saved? Rosulatia fluttered away with naught more than a cryptic hint...
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  • …e to communicate with anyone but his sister and you, he tells of the World Tree Yggdrasil and the dangers facing Ulbuka.
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