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Männlich Hume

Standort: Port Windurst (E-7)
Lokalisierung: Orastery


Well, I've had a great time in Windurst, and seen a lot of amazing stuff. Guess it's about time to head on home...
Before I go, I have to find a souvenir of my stay that's unique to Windurst. But none of the stuff sold in the shops here is worth showing off to people...

(Auftrag:To Catch a Falling Star nach Annahme)
Out in Sarutabaruta somewhere there's a place called Starfall Hillock where, only for a few hours of each night, you can find a beautiful natural ice formation called Starfall tear.
They say Windurst is the country blessed by the moon and stars, so something to do with the stars would make a most fitting present, don't you think?

(Auftrag:To Catch a Falling Star erledigt)
If I had known it was that delicate I wouldn't have asked for one. It's impossible for me to carry such a fragile thing back home.
Looks like I have to think of some other souvenir to take back, otherwise the little missus is gonna kill me. Umm... Let me see...

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Hey, adventurer!
Have you heard about a place out in Sarutabaruta somewhere called the Starfall Hillock?
I've heard that at a certain time of night on that hill, the dew crystallizes into ice, forming a Starfall tear.
The little missus would be so pleased if you could get your hands on one of those ice crystals. She's bound to think it's all cute and Märchen-like, don't you think?
So how about it, huh? If you won't do it for me, do it for the little missus.

Oh, well done!
I'm so pleased you were able to get me one. Let me see it...!
Why didn't you tell me that it melts away when you touch it with your bare hands? How am I supposed to carry that home then?
But then again, you kept your side of the bargain, and a promise is a promise, so here... Take your reward and leave me be.


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