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Männlich Tarutaru

Standort: Davoi (J-8)
Lokalisierung: Devil's Finger

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Crimson orb (Auftrag)

Sedal-Godjal: Huh? You really wantaru into that cave? Hah! Not after I went through all that trouble sealing off the Orc lord...
Especially not now, with reinforcements on the way! Bestaru to stay outta that cave, I say! made it this far. Guess I'll give you a chance!
Take your chances?

  • Yes.
    Alrighty, then. Pass my test, and I'll let you into that meanie-weanie old cave.
    I'm going to give you a White orb, which you are to dip in the four red pools of Davoi. You'll know the orb is absorbing magic when its color changes!
    Once you're done, bring it back here and I'll grade you!
    Heeeey, don't worry! Long as nothing...unexpected happens, you'll do just fine! I guarantee it! Bonne chance!
  • No.
    Humph. Sissy!

Sedal-Godjal: Heeeey, so you made it back in one piece? Good, good! Oh, I forgot to tell you one thing: if an orb turns totally red, it gets cursed.
W-w-wait a second! Isn't that a Cursed orb you have there!?
Well, I guess all's well that ends well! This is aboutaru all the power you'll need, methinks.
Let me just give it the barrier-disruption spells it so very much deserves...
And there you go! Take that Crimson orb and stick it into the barrier. That should disruptaru the thing long enough for you to go in.
Take care and don't let the Orcs get it! There now, off you go! Good luck!


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