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Rhapsodies of Vana'diel - Ring My Bell
Skript Part 1: Zwischensequenz an der "Oaken Door" bei (H-5) in Norg
Gilgamesh, I'm afraid the rumors are true. Another rift has split the ground in Misareaux Coast in twain.
Then it's th' same deal as with Qufim Island? This place the lot of ya keep referrin' to as "Escha"?
Damned ambassador of the void! He'd better not show his face 'round here in Norg, or it's right ta Davy Jones's locker with him!
Oho, if it isn't Player Name! Our friend from the Far East has stopped to pay his regards.
I am Tenzen, a humble warrior with roots planted firmly in the Far East. May our meeting bear fruit.
I shall be brief. Word reached me that a priestess from Reisen Shrine had cause to step foot here in the Middle Lands, and I came to pay my respects.
Yet I arrive here only to find that she has gone missing.
Player Name, I suppose ya haven't bumped inta Iroha?
Iroha...a magnificent name, and I trust with a character to match.
Ya happen ta know anythin' 'bout her? 'Cause she sure threw th' lot of us for quite the loop.
I have extensively questioned those at Reisen Shrine, but to a man they shook their heads at each inquiry.
Of course, if your story is true and she has not yet been born, then such a conclusion is foregone.
Lord/Lady Player Name, permit me to examine the orb she bequeathed unto you.
Yes, it bears the mark of Reisen Shrine.
What in blazes--!?
Calm yerself, Aldo. She's with our guest.
This orb connects the bearer with the mothercrystal/a higher power.
Mayhap it will display its true form only to those who open up their hearts to it.
Delkfutt's Tower...
Ah, you look confused. My companion is intimately connected with the outlying isle that Reisen Shrine calls home.
Her assertion that the orb is authentic is proof enough.
As such, I am inclined to believe this "Iroha"'s story about being from the future.
I gotta admit, when I saw the little lady floppin' about on that rickety vessel, I wondered if the brine had clogged up that skull o' hers...but then we learned she wasn't the only one from th' future.
Then there were others?
None in the Far East bear any ill will toward the priests of Reisen Shrine...
And only the purest chosen by the emperor are allowed to alight on the isle housing Reisen Shrine, for it was created by the gods themselves.
Any who would lift a blade in anger against such souls are unworthy of being called human.
Then it should not surprise you to learn that our foe isn't human at all.
Darkness is at his beck and call, and he can create entire worlds devoid of all color.
I see...
Then I must meet with Lady Iroha and find this sinister force that came after her.
Where should I begin my search?
How do you respond?
  • I saw a woman/Prishe just now...
    Ah, so the orb showed you a vision.
    And it implored you to return to Delkfutt's Tower.
    Then we've got all th' clues we need.Tenzen:
    I shall report back with anything I am able to find.
    Player Name, I think it best if you cast your lot with Tenzen.
    Maybe he'll be able to figure out how to save the future when he gets to meet with Iroha.
    That's what my gut's tellin' me, anyway, and a pirate's intuition is never wrong.
  • I'm at a loss.