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Researchers from the West - Ru'Lude Gardens
Skript Part 1: Gespräch mit Anastase
Hmm...something's not right here.
I would have expected their reports to have arrived by now...
Who's this then? An adventurer, I gather?

Well? Are you?

  • Of course!
    To find an adventurer such as yourself so quickly! Fortune indeed shines upon me this day!
    But where are my manners? I have not yet introduced myself. I am Anastase, an emissary sent from the Sacred City of Adoulin.
    But of course, you need not say anything. I know why you have sought me out.
    You are here to assist me in surveying the geomagnetic founts, yes?
    Lend your aid?
  • I shall.
    Your help is sincerely appreciated. Let me present you with this Prototype attuner.
    Attuning it to a geomagnetic fount will, if my calculations are correct, permit you to use the waypoints.
    I have already recorded the energies of the Ru'Lude Gardens fount. Please, travel throughout the world and proceed with your activities, and return to me when you have attuned it to another fount.
  • Not interested.
    I see. I must admit to feeling a twinge of disappointment, but I understand.
    My stay here will be a long one, so if you have a change of heart, please come and see me again.
  • Hear more.
    I come from The Sacred City of Adoulin, an island that lies far to the west, beyond the great Sea of Zafmlug.
    Further still beyond the island is the continent of Ulbuka, where a pristine expanse of nature sits unsullied by mortal hands.
    Tales of men and women from the Middle Lands who cannot resist the clarion call of a good deed left undone have stretched across the sea and reached my ears. Hearing these tales prompted me to make the arduous journey here.
    For you see, I desire your assistance in our quest to pioneer the undeveloped lands of Ulbuka.
    I had hoped to secure transport in advance for those interested in cooperating with this enterprise.
    But executing a plan is never a simple affair. Air and sea vessels are indeed available, but unsustainable in the long term due to the staggering distance between the two continents.
    Yet one possibility exists. In our beloved city, devices called “waypoints” allow the user to instantaneously move from one location to another.
    However, I am not certain whether the ley lines to which these waypoints are attuned traverse the oceans to the Middle Lands. My first task, therefore, is to find locations suitable for such travel.
    Geomagnetrons are needed to use our waypoints, but their efficacy is dependent on recording the energies of certain geomagnetic founts.
    As part of this mission, I have brought with me several such Prototype attuners. What I would ask of you is that you take one to these various founts and attune it to them.
    If this survey is successful, then it will surely guarantee a prosperous trading partnership for our two homelands.
    I also imagine that there are many who would both honor and value your accomplishment.
  • No...
    Please forgive my intrusion.
    I wish you well in all your endeavors.
Skript Part 2: Gespräch mit Jillia - Selbina
Hi there! I'm Jillia, tee-hee!
Oooh, isn't that one of those Prototype attuner things?
If you have one of must mean...
...Aha, I think I get it now.
Anastase sent you, didn't he? See, I'm so smart! Tee-hee.
You want this spot maybe?
Record this fount?
  • Yes.
    What a dumb question! Of course you do!
    Just touch this sensitive area right here with your Prototype attuner and you're done. Be gentle now, tee-hee!
    How'd it feel?
    Well, it mustn't have been too bad, looks like you got what you came for.
    I have to watch over this waypoint and whatnot, so come by anytime.
    I'll take you places you've never even dreamed of going, tee-hee!
    Awww, you mean I have to make a report to Anastase!? That's kind of...not fun.
    I'm, well, supposed to be doing neat investigamatory stuff and whatnot, you know? I don' the time to go make a report.
    I'm definitely not saying that because the milk here is just to die for or anything, okay? It does go down awful smooth, though.
    And I hear the wrinkly dried goods look terrible, but taste even better, tee-hee!
    I'm about some important headway and stuff into the water crisis Adoulin's facing. No joke. tell him my hands are completely full right now.
  • No.
    What a dumb question! Of course you do!
    ...Wait, you don't!?
Skript Part 3: Gespräch mit Zurko-Bazurko - Mhaura
Huhn huhhhn. Of course a wimp like you would want to come bask in the radiance of a living-wiving legend like the Zurk.
Do you want his autograph as--whoa-ho, is that Prototype attuner?
Ah, so you're the greenhorn Anastase was flip-flapping about.
Don't get your pantaloons in a bunchy-wunch. The Zurk's already found the geomagnetic field you're looking for.
How? Because he's perfection incarnate.
So, you gonna attune that thing to this spotaru or what?
Record this fount?
  • Yes.
    The obvious choice, but the Zurk abides. Now put your Prototype attuner on the ground here and wait for the action-waction to unfold.
    Since you've travel-waveled from Jeuno, you've already attuned your stuff to there, right?
    Don't worry about the Mhaura end of this waypoint, the Zurk's got you covered. Use it to your heart's contentaru.
    The floating contraption-waption of infinite wonder inside is where the real magic happens.
    Of course, no mere mortal could understand the complex configurations of this waypointaru. That's why the Zurk, also known throughout Adoulin as the Second Coming of the Occult, will condescend to--
    What!? Master Anastase wants a reportaru from the Zurk!?
    Everyone knows you're not supposed to interruptaru the hero during his speech! What a terrible sense of timing you have.
    Now that you've killed the waypoint isn't up to snuffy-wuff yet, so...
    Just tell him that the Zurk's employing every onz of his decisiveness, determination, and most importantly, his daring-waring to save the day!
    Also be sure to mention that the slightest-wightest disruption in the Zurk's concentration can resultaru in Vana'diel's complete he won't be making any reports for a while.
  • No.
    Ohoho, the Zurk likes your style, adventurer. He can always sympathize with those who like to defy fate.
    The Zurk himself doesn't play by anyone's rulesy-wules...not even his own.
Skript Part 4: Gespräch mit Quwi Orihbhe - Rabao
Quwi Orihbhe:
How rrrude of me! I haven't even told you my name yet and I'm acting like I already know you!
I'm Quwi Orihbhe, and I have trrraveled here from Adoulin
I don't mean to be brrrash, but is that Prototype attuner you're carrying?
Please don't think I'm trying to steal your thunder, but I've already sealed the geomagnetic forces of this rrregion into a single location!
I'm so sorry!
Do you want to...rrrecord this place for future use?
Record this fount?
  • Yes.
    I knew you'd say yes! I just knew it!
    Wait...I remember this part! Next you're going to position your Prototype attuner over the grrround here.
    The prrrophecy has been fulfilled! I saw Player Name complete this procedure with my mind's eye not moments ago, and now it comes true before my verrry eyes!
    I oversee this waypoint, so come by any time!
    If only it didn't have to be me! You deserrrve better, Player Name!
    To tell the truth...I've been dispatched to this continent to investigate these concentrrrations of geomagnetic force.
    It's all just too much for a poor tyrrro like me! I can't take it anymore!
    I'm sorry!
    I was told to report to Master Anastase when I forrresee one of those points, but I forget the prrrotocol!
    I wasn't paying attention during our brrriefing!
    ...No! You can't be serious!
    Anastase wants me to rrreport in rrright away!?
    Woe is me...
    Aha, I can see it! A vision is coming to me!
    My stomach shall begin to rrrumble in mere moments.
    Therefore, how about you rrreport to Anastase in my stead?
    I have seen with my mind's eye that you're the rrreliable type.
  • No.
    Whaaat!? "No"!?
    But you will eventually! I've seen it in my drrreams!
Skript Part 5: Gespräch mit Wistful Bison - Norg
Wistful Bison:
Are you an adventurer?
I see you have Prototype attuner. You got that from Anastase, didn't you?
If that's the case, I've found where the magnetic field is at its strongest, but...
The person in charge tells me I have to keep fishing up subligaria and leggings from the local waters before he'll let me...never mind. You don't want to hear my depressing stories anyway.
Let's just get this over with. Do you want to record the activity at this spot?
Record this fount?
  • Yes.
    <Sigh> Sometimes I can barely work up the energy to do even the simplest task.
    Put your Prototype attuner here, I guess.
    Oh, succeeded.
    It's now ready to go whenever you are.
    I've been told to mind this waypoint, so use it as much as you want.
    No one ever takes my feelings into account anyway.
    As I'm sure is obvious, my burning passion for adventure led me to join this survey of the Middle Lands.
    On my way here, though, I <sigh> got lost in a cave. I always get lost.
    I was able to get out by remembering to put my right hand on the wall and...ugh, you don't care.
    Eventually I wandered here. With all the strange artifacts around, this isn't the worst place I could've ended up.
    What, Anastase wants a report from me?
    <Mutter> I guess I don't have a choice...
    It'd look bad if you reported in and I didn't.
    Thanks for giving me more work to do, stranger.
    Oh, and while we're making unnecessary small talk...
    Can I ask where in the world we are?
  • No.
    I see. That's how it always is.
    I should really be used to this treatment by now.
Skript Part 6: Gespräch mit Anastase - Ru'Lude Gardens
Hail, and good tidings. May I please take a look at your Prototype attuner?
This...this is amazing!
You have traveled to the 4 locations I have requested and recorded the data in the geomagnetic founts there!
Adventurers are truly as reliable as I was led to believe. All in a day's work, I suppose.
You have my undying gratitude for your efforts. Allow me to present this to you as a mere token of my appreciation.