Rakoh Buuma

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Rakoh Buuma
Weiblich Mithra

Standort: Windurst Woods (K-10)
Lokalisierung: Leviathan's Gate
Typ: Gate Guard

Zusätzlicher Dialog

The Price of Peace

Rakoh Buuma: So, have these missions helped in making you stronger? Perhaps you're about rrready for a mission that involves the Yagudo beastmen.
On the other side of West Sarutabaruta is a place called Giddeus--the home of the Yagudo.
You know the Yagudo, don't you? They are the beastmen who for ever so long have rrravaged the grasslands of Sarutabaruta.
But the current Star Sibyl took it upon herself to try and make amicable rrrelations with the damned enemy...
As a rrresult, we have to pay tribute to the Yagudo with food offerings as a sign of our friendship. That's the crux of this mission.
First, you are to go to the Rrrhinostery's biological laboratory in Windurst Waters. The rrresearchers there will provide you with today's food offering for the Yagudo.
The rrresearchers will tell you what you are to do next.
This is an important mission issued by Heavens Tower, or more specifically, the Star Sibyl herself. Control your hatred of the beastmen and fulfill this mission as best as you can!

Rakoh Buuma: So you completed the mission...?
Then I shall be rrrecommending you for promotion to rrrank two.
I suggest you try your hand at conquests now, as you'll need to gain more rrrank points before we can issue you further missions.
You can gain the rrrank points you need from participating in the rrregional conquests. Ask the War Warlock guard in charge of conquests over there for further information...
See you around.

Lost for Words

Rakoh Buuma: Have you ever been to the Optistery's Library of Magic in Windurst Waters?
Looks like they're in a spot of trouble there, as they are urgently asking for any able adventurer we have on hand to go help them out.
How about it, then?
If you feel you're up to it, why don't you volunteer to help the Optistery out?
Accept Mission?

  • Accept.
    Then proceed to the Optistery's Library of Magic immediately. It's on the north side of Windurst Waters--the building that the rrroad to the north gatehouse rrruns through.
  • Decline.
    Kein weiterer Text.
A Testing Time

Rakoh Buuma: How about this for a mission?
The School of Magic, conducted by the Aurastery, is seeking an able adventurer to help them out.
However, it seems that this mission will rrrequire several days of hard effort. What do you think? Will you give it a try?
Accept the mission?

  • Accept.
    The Aurastery's School of Magic is on the eastern side of Windurst Waters. Just head north from Windurst Waters's rrresidential area entrance.
    The school is full of children striving to become tomorrow's politicians and scholars. Putting up with them is a greater test of endurance than any mission I can issue you!
  • Decline.
    Kein weiterer Text.
The Three Kingdoms

Rakoh Buuma: You came at just the rrright time.
We just rrreceived a rrrequest for help in a large-scale mission from Heavens Tower, but we're short of adventurers to dispatch just now.
The secretary of Heavens Tower will explain what this mission entails. Proceed there immediately.

To Each His Own Right

Rakoh Buuma: Ah, Player Name!
Heavens Tower is hailing you!
Why, the head Sibyl Guard herself, Semih Lafihna, came asking for you! Seems your activities in all three nations have become your ticket to move up in the world, eh?
Anyway, you should hurry on over to Heavens Tower. She's as strict on herself as she is on others!

Written in the Stars

Rakoh Buuma: This mission has been issued by the head lady-in-waiting, Zubaba.
Not that I know much about her myself, but Zubaba has been serving as head lady-in-waiting since the current Star Sibyl was a child...
She's not a character you dare keep waiting. I rrrecommend you hurry on over to Heavens Tower. If you fulfill a mission from the head lady-in-waiting well enough, it's bound to improve your rrreputation.

A New Journey

Rakoh Buuma: We have a formal writ of summons from Heavens Tower for you. One with a special star emblem on it signifies it is officially a mission of the utmost importance.
It rrreads that you, Player Name, are to “make yourself present at the Planetarium of Heavens Tower with precipitate haste.” This is supposedly the greatest honor a citizen of Windurst can have.


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