Porter Moogle (W)

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Porter Moogle (W).jpg
Porter Moogle

Standort: Port Windurst (L-6)


Welcome to the MHMU's porter service, kupo!
Which of your burdensome belongings shall I take off your hands today?

  • Porter service?
  • Buy a storage slip.
  • No, thank you.

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Porter service?

Is your gobbiebag splitting at the seams? Mog Safe spilling over? Why, an accomplished adventurer like yourself surely has more stuff than you know what to do with. That's where I come in, kupo. I'll gladly hold onto your prized possessions, freeing you space to gather up even grander goodies. To make use of my services, first you'll need to buy one of these storage slips for the low, low fee of 1.000 gil. Storage slips come in numerous varieties, kupo, each corresponding to a different type of item. You'll want to peruse the fine print closely, so you don't end up paying good gil for a scrap of parchment useless for the particular item you wish to store. Not that we moogles would object to that sort of donation, kupo. Choose the item you wish to entrust, then trade it to me along with a single storage slip. I will take the item and return the slip to you, marked with an invisible seal. Invisible to you, at least. It's plain as day to us moogles, so don't even think of trying to pull one over on us, kupo. When it comes time to retrieve your item, just trade to me a single storage slip--any slip--once again. I will present you with a list of all the items currently in my care, and you may choose the one you wish to withdraw. What's more, no additional transaction fees will be incurred! Pretty generous of us for a change, no? Now I bet you're wondering what the catch is, kupo. So as not to disappoint you, there are a few! For one, any signed items will lose their signatures if you store them with me. Simple as that, kupo! Why, you say? Hey, even we moogles aren't perfect! It's better for both of us if you keep your most precious possessions close at hand, kupo. Now listen up, because there's another catch, and it's a doozy. If you lose your storage slip, I won't be able to return your item. Ever. No ifs, ands, or buts! No "I'm sorry, Mister Porter Moogle, it'll never happen again!" Rules are rules, kupo, and someone has to keep them. Last, but not least, I can't accept equipment bearing Magian trial insignia. If you have such an item that you're simply dying to entrust to me, you'll have to abandon your trial first, kupo. And that's all there is to it. This humble moogle can hardly wait to serve you!


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