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Männlich Tarutaru

Standort: East Sarutabaruta (J-11)


This is the southeast tower of the Horutoto Ruins--the only magic tower left functioning after the Great War of twenty years ago.

Zusätzlicher Dialog

The Heart of the Matter

Pore-Ohre: Yeah, yeah...
So you're today's volunteer for the Manustery's mission, rightaru?
Okey-dokey, now I'll explain what you've got to do.
Mana Orbs can be pretty difficult for the first-timer, so listen hard and good!
When you go below the southeastern magic tower here, you'll find the passage widens greatly.
The layout's in a sort of circular-wircular shape, with a total of six Mana Orb receptacle gizmos placed in a pattern around the path.
You are to place one of the dark Mana Orbs you received from the Manustery in each of these receptacle gizmos.
Then you are to proceed to the room furthest to the back of the ruins, hidden behind a secret-wecret doorway, where you are to turn on the switch of the big magical gizmo there.
If all the Mana Orbs are placed correctly, the magic energy generated from the Horutoto Ruins will flow through the gizmo system and recharge all of the Orbs.
Once they are re-energized, you are to collect them all and take them back to the Manustery.
Oopsy-daisy... I nearly forgot!
Here... Without this, you can't enter the hidden room at the back of the ruins.
Well, good luck, and see you on your way back!

Ace of Cups: Mana Orbs are Cardians' hearts!
Ace of Wands: Mana Orbs are Cardians' souls!
Ace of Swords: You are to give us Cardians back our Mana Orbs!
You have no need for them!
Pore-Ohre: Hey, hey, enough already, already!
You're not getting your hands on these Mana Orbs!
They belong to the Manustery!
Ace of Cups: You too, adventurer!
Hand over those Mana Orbs to us Cardians now!
Ace of Wands: Or we will be forced to take your heart and soul instead!
Pore-Ohre: (Do what they say and hand them over.
I'll take responsibility for whatever happens.)
Ace of Cups: Well...?
Is this all of them!?
Ace of Wands: Affirmative! This is all of them!
Ace of Cups: Then let us be off!
Pore-Ohre: Phe~w-a-woo-wo~o...!
Well, there goes ten years off my life!
They were the Ace Cardians, if you couldn't tell...
We wouldn't have come anywhere near to being a match for three Aces.
You have to know when to hold them and when to fold them, I guess.
But, boy, was that a close call!
You're heading back to town now, rightaru?
Then please report what just took place to Minister Apururu at the Manustery.
Thanks, and be careful on your way home!


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