Pond Probing/Plot Details

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Pond Probing - Mog Garden
Skript Part 1: Mog Garden - "Pond Dredger" geklickt!
Green Thumb Moogle:
Power to the pioneers, kupo! You've successfully seized the catch of the day!
...Or not?
I never knew the numbers of fish were so negligible here.
Why, there's a gaping gash the size of Marjami Ravine in this net! It must be the work of that wicked wanderer!
Uuugh, he's got me so flustered that I can't even string together a simple sentence, kupo!
The scoundrel slunk off into the sea, for certain.
There's another net specifically set up for obtaining all the ocean has to offer, kupo.
Quick, before he cuts that, too!
I'll find you after I finish fixing these frayed fish fetters. Just hurry!
That contemptible cur has riled up the unbridled wrath of myriad moogles all Mog Gardens over, kupoooooo!
We sealed away any scintilla of seething rage that might swell to the surface of our souls long ago, but now is the time to shun our self-imposed shackles and make him pay with every fiber of our fur!