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Männlich Tarutaru

Standort: Metalworks (I-7)
Lokalisierung: Consulate of Windurst

Zusätzlicher Dialog

The Three Kingdoms

Patt-Pott: Oh, you're the adventurer with the letter of introduction, yes?
It's good of you to come.
It must've been a long journey, riding a boat to a faraway place like this.
I studied hard to become a consul, hoping I'd be waited on by cutesy-wutesy secretaries, but my fate was to be delegated to this neck of the woods...
Oh! I'm sorry-worry!
Don't tell anyone I said that, please?
I mean, you can't blame me--I'm surrounded by musky Humes and scary Galka instead of cutesy...uh, you know.
Oh, Mih Ketto?
We have a guest here. Shouldn't you be serving tea?
Mih Ketto: What tea? We ran out of tea months ago!
Patt-Pott: Then why haven't you refilled our stock?
How many times have I told you...
Moyoyo: Uh...sir?
Would you like me to go out and buy some?
Patt-Pott: Hmm, well...
Now that you mention it, I don't remember seeing anyone selling tea here...
Hmm? You don't care about tea, you say? You want to hear about the mission? Oh, bother...
I'm sorry, as greasing people's...I mean, trying to make people happy-snappy has become a habit. It's part of the job.
Anyway, here's what you have to do...
Uh... That is... Let's see...
Topuru-Kuperu! What was it we were supposed to ask?
Topuru-Kuperu: Huh? What?
Did you call me, sir?
Patt-Pott: Oh! There you are!
You were making yourself so small I didn't see you!
The mission, man, the mission!
You know, for the adventurer from Windurst!
I know how homesick you are, but I expect you to do your share while you're here!
Topuru-Kuperu: Uh...I think it had...something to do with going to the Palborough Mines, sir...
Oh...I remember now.
We need some refined ore.
Patt-Pott: What? Is that really something we should be asking a great adventurer from Windurst to do? And the Palborough Mines are infested with Quadav, too!
Topuru-Kuperu: Beg your pardon, sir, but...I think it's our pretext for studying Bastokan technology, sir...
But first, the adventurer is to meet with Sir Pius in the President's Office...
Patt-Pott: Ah, yes! Pius--Sir Pius. I think we've had dinner once...or perhaps it was brunch?
No matter. To work, then!
Good luck! Come back when you're done!

Patt-Pott: Ah, an Onz of mythril sand!
Good job! Good job!
Tell Topuru-Kuperu what you've seen.
We'll return this Onz of mythril sand to the government of Bastok after we've studied it.
So you were able to enter a beastman-infested area, perform your mission, and still manage to come back in one piece.
Don't you think so, Topuru-Kuperu?
Topuru-Kuperu: What?
Oh, right. I guess so, sir.
Patt-Pott: Oh, let me guess--you were thinking about Windurst again, weren't you?
Snap out of it, man! You have work to do!
Topuru-Kuperu: <Sigh> Windurst...
Patt-Pott: Well, you can't say I didn't try.
Ah--but you will report that all of us are working exceptionally hard here, yes?
You're off to San d'Oria now, aren't you?
Have a safe and pleasant trip!


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