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New Worlds Await - Ru'Lude Gardens
Skript Part 1: Ru'Lude Gardens - Grand Duke Palace (Freischalten Merit Points)
Nomad Moogled:
I'm a traveling Moogle, always on the road... In search of the secrets of true strength, kupo.
And this time I think I might have found one. That's why I'm visiting Maat to see what he thinks, kupo.
I've discovered a way to increase the potential of those who have reached their "limits." However, I haven't found anyone to pass that method on to, kupo.
Hey, you look pretty tough. How would you like to be my guinea...errr, assistant?

Become his "assistant"?

  • Let's do it!
    Excellent, kupo...
    Ahem! I shall now pass on to you the secrets of the "Moogle Merit Management" system. Use this legendary method to extend your limits. Watch as your strength soars beyond the stars, kupo!
    Now, when the level of your main job has reached 75 or higher, a new button, "Merit Points," will appear under "Status" in the main menu.
    Press this button to change experience accumulation modes as well as adjust skills and attributes. Just remember, you can only adjust your attributes while in your Mog House or Mog Garden, kupo!
    Nomad Moogle casts a strange spell on you...
    Well, if you ever need a refresher, you know where I'll be, kupo!
  • No way!
    Huh? What good is an adventurer that's not willing to take on a little adventure?
    Well, come back to me if you ever change your mind, kupo...
  • Tell me more...
    Before you rush into anything, let me inform you of the disclaim...errr, the details of the method, kupo.
    Have you ever stopped to wonder what happens to all the experience you accumulate after maxing out your level?
    In recent months, I have discovered that this type of experience builds up in your body in a completely different form--a type of super experience, if you will. I have given this phenomenon the name Limit points, kupo!
    When you accumulate ten thousand of these points, they are magically transformed into an even more super type of experience--super-duper experience, if you will. I call these ultra-special points "Merit points," kupo!
    But that is not all I have discovered. I think I have also come across a method to manage those points and use them to boost the levels of your body and mind beyond their current limits! I call it "Moogle Merit Management," kupo!
    I can tell by the look on your face that you're pretty interested, kupo.
    So, what would you like to know?

Ask about...

  • How to accumulate merit points.
  • How to adjust attributes.
  • Nothing at this time.
Skript Part 2: Ru'Lude Gardens - Grand Duke Palace
Nomad Moogle:
Been working hard, or hardly working, kupo?
Remember that by pressing the "Merit Points" button in the "Status" menu, you can check merit point totals, change experience accumulation modes, and adjust skills and attributes.
Oho, kupo! Or perhaps you're looking to transcend your limits?
Because that could also be arranged...
What will you ask about?
  • Exceeding your limits.
    I had a feeling that's what you'd say, kupo!
    Well, Maat? How about it?
    We stand on the cusp of a new era. It's the Goddess-given duty of an old warrior like me to prepare the younger generation to follow in my footsteps. And who better than a young man/woman who's met every challenge sent his/her way?
    Nomad Moogle:
    You can say that again, my friend!
    No doubt you've heard of the mog tablets--those stone slabs engraved with the timeless wisdom of King Kupofried the Great that have been popping up periodically throughout the land.
    The tablets hold many secrets that we moogles have yet to unravel, kupo.
    Why are our wings purple? Why are our noses red? How can we better assist our adventuring friends?
    Why, I was just having a discussion with a friend of mine from the Magian Mooglehood on the very subject... That's when it hit me on the head like a herd of hecteyes!
    What if the ancient moogle arts could be used to augment not only adventurers' possessions, but the adventurers themselves, kupo!?
    Using my knowledge of merit points--and drawing upon the martial mastery of Maat here--I've whipped up a method that just might work!
    What say you, adventurer? Care to be my test subject
    'Course, nobody'd blame you for not trustin' the little devil.I'm not even sure I do. Heh heh heh..
    Nomad Moogle:
    Is an adventurer who would spurn greater strength truly an adventurer?
    Come, now! What have you got to lose, kupo?
    Give it a go, kupo?
  • Will I ever!
    Nomad Moogle:
    Marvelous! Magnificent!
    First, I'll need you to bring me 5 Kindred's seals.
    I'll be sittin' this one out, I fear.
    I may have mastered the martial arts, but I know better than to get mixed up with moogle mumbo-jumbo. Heh heh heh...
    Now go get 'em!
    Well, if you ever need a refresher, you know where I'll be, kupo!
  • Not today.
    Say it ain't so, kupo!
    Ah, but it is not a moogle's place to question the judgment of an accomplished adventurer such as yourself.
    Come back if you ever have a change of heart.
    Well, if you ever need a refresher, you know where I'll be, kupo!
    They're needed to channel the ancient moogle magic, you see.
    You'll also have to accumulate 3 merit points to provide the necessary energy to trigger the reaction, kupo.
  • Merit points.
  • Nothing.
    Well, if you ever need a refresher, you know where I'll be, kupo!
Skript Part 3: Ru'Lude Gardens - Grand Duke Palace (Übergabe Kindreds Seals und Merit Points)
Nomad Moogle:
Spectacular! Stupendous! Let's get started, shall we?
If you'll just excuse me for a moment, kupo...
Yoo-hoooooo! Mister Magian Moogle man!
Yes, you! Over here!
Magian Moogle:
What is it this time?
And you'd do well to adopt a more courteous tone when addressing your elders, kupo...
Nomad Moogle:
I'd call you by your proper name if you'd actually tell anyone what it is!
But nooo, the Magian Mooglehood must ever be shrouded in secrecy, kupo...
Magian Moogle:
You would make mock of the wisdom of your forefathers, kupo!?
(I've a mind to ku-pound the both of them into the next millennium if they don't settle down...)
Magian Moogle:
Anyhow, if you would just crouch down right here, kupo...
<Mumble, grumble>... I am ready, kupo.
Nomad Moogle:
Excellent! Our magian friend here will fire a potent dose of moogle magic directly at you.
All you have to do, my dear adventurer, is stay alive! Easy breezy, wouldn't you say, kupo?
Now, kupo!
(This is reckless even for these moogles. Sends a shiver up my spine, it does...)

Player Name feels a sudden surge of power well up from the pit of his/her stomach, coursing through his/her veins and limbs...!

Nomad Moogle:
Kupo-ho! It would seem the procedure has gone off precisely as we predicted!
Magian Moogle:
That it has, kupo. I must say, the sheer stamina of these adventurers never ceases to astound me.
Nomad Moogle:
My friend, you've been the perfect test subject...<ahem>...I mean, you are clearly an ideal heir for the powers of the moogle ancients.
Should our research bear further fruit, you shall be among the first to know!
But why are you still standing around here?
There's a whole new world waiting for you to explore, kupo!

Your level limit is now 80!