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Männlich Hume

Standort: Metalworks (J-8)
Beruf: Mythril Musketeer

Zusätzlicher Dialog

The Doorman

Naji: What? My grandma asked you to bring Yasin's sword to me?
I can't believe her. "My grandson the doorman." I get teased enough by Ayame, but to be ridiculed by my own flesh and blood!
And this sword... What's the big deal, anyway?
Iron Eater: What's wrong, Naji?
Naji: Ah, Sir Iron Eater.
My grandmother...
Iron Eater: I see.
This sword belonged to your father, Lord Yasin.
This may even be the sword that he used when...
Naji: Sir?
You have met my father before?
Iron Eater: Once, thirty years ago... But I was still a child.

Iron Eater: There's no doubt about it. That sword is the one that Sir Raogrimm--the Mythril Musketeer and Galka Talekeeper himself--had made for your father.
Naji: Wow... I never knew that my father knew such important people.
And Sir Iron Eater, I never knew your real name was...what did you say it was, Pacdaco?
Iron Eater: ......
Feel free to call me whichever is easiest for you to pronounce. It makes no difference to me. A name is not important, only the man behind it.
Naji: Well, thanks for bringing this to me. I'll try to use it as my father did.
Here, you can have this. It's been used quite a bit, but I'm sure you'll find a good home for it.


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