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Standort: Lower Jeuno (H-10)

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Magicite (Windurst)

Muckvix: Castle Oztroja? What you gonna go there for? Well, you can go get killed for all I care. Ain't got nothin' to do with me!
But, hey, you gotta have a Yagudo torch to get in there. And not just any old torch... You need a special one from a tree on the Sauromugue Champaign!
And whaddaya know... We're all outta the stuff! Maybe Fickie's got some extra. He stops by Oztroja once in a while.
He's out on the streets again, ain't he? I can never figger out why he's gotta be so buddy-buddy with all them people!
Fickblix: Muck, I'm home!
Muckvix: Well, speak of the devil! Hey, you got a Yagudo torch on ya?
Fickblix: Yeah, I've got one.
Muckvix: Well, cough it up for this tough guy/sweetheart right here.
Fickblix: No problem. I was just going to head out to Castle Oztroja right now.
Muckvix: Hey, whaddaya tryin' to say? I never asked you to head out there.
Fickblix: I was just playing with Verena, but she's feeling down. And I know why.
The beasties outside town are getting restless. That makes Verena worried. So I'm going to Oztroja and ask them to settle down.
I think the beasties outside can get along with people, like I could with Verena. I really believe so.
Muckvix: Yeah, maybe you got a point there.
Fickblix: Well, I'm off.
Muckvix: Hey, Fickie...
Fickblix: Yeah, Muck?
Muckvix: You be careful out there.
Fickblix: I'll be okay. They'll listen to me.
Muckvix: Yeah, my generation can't forget the war, so it's real hard to relate.
But you kids don't remember none of that. So I think you can bridge the gap. Yeah, for all of us!
Verena: Fickie? Is Fickie here?
Muckvix: Hey, you just missed him. Said somethin' about goin' to Castle Oztroja. You didn't see him on your way in here?
Verena: No, it's just... Some adventurers said they were going out to hunt beastmen, so I got so worried...
I always told him to stay here in town. I told him if people found him in a dungeon somewhere, they might mistake him for a bad beastman, and then they'd...
Muckvix: Ain't nothin' you can do. That kid's a beastie, and even the people in this town give us the cold shoulder.
Well, he don't belong out there none neither... But I still think he's safer out there than in here.
Verena: I'm so worried about him.
Muckvix: That girl understands things that only us beasties do. Maybe Fickie and her can break down the walls that keep us apart.
I just hope they watch out for those guys cravin' that mysterious power.
Oops... Hey, forget about it.


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