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Männlich Tarutaru

Standort: Windurst Waters (F-5) Nord
Lokalisierung: Odin's Gate
Typ: Gate Guard

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Erstes Ansprechen

Mokyokyo: Hello there.
Welcome to the North Winds.
Have you checked out the rest of Windurst, yet? There are several gatehouses spread all over this city-wity.
This is the north gatehouse.
Our group that gathers here at Odin's Gate goes by the name of the "North Winds".
Huh? You don't know about gatehouses? Well, you're going to find the going tough if you don't learn soon. Want me to explainy-wainy...?
Hear the explanation?

  • Yes, pleasey-weasey.
    Mokyokyo: The gatehouses are meeting and resting points for us guards who protect Windurst. They are also the places where missions from the Federation of Windurst are received and allocated to people. When you receive a mission and successfully complete the task it involves, you will be awarded rank points. So how about it?
    Are you interested in serving your country? We really recommend you try them outy-wouty. The Orastery's Mage Academy is a big building in Port Windurst, far to the south of here. Well, good luck with your first tasky-wasky!
    Receive a mission?
    • Accept.
      Panna-Donna: That's the spirit-wirit! Looks like it's my cue... I have a mission just right for you, so listen up! You know the Horutoto Ruins out in Sarutabaruta, don't you? Well, they're about to conduct some kind of magic experiment there. The Orastery, one of the five ministries of Windurst, is urgently requesting the dispatch of an adventurer to help them out. Ask the Orastery's minister at their Mage Academy for the details.
    • Decline
      Kein weiterer Text
  • No, thanky-hanky.
    Mokyokyo: Don't need to hear the explanation, huh? Oh, so you consider yourself a scholar-wolar or something? Well we'll see about thatty-watty.


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