Magian Moogle (Orange)

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Magian Moogle (Orange).jpg
Magian Moogle

Standort: Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Lokalisierung: Grand Duke Palace

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Magian Moogle:
Kupo-ho! Another adventurer has found ≺his/her way to my domain.
Was it my aura of superior sagacity that led you here? This conspicuous crate and chest that sit seductively at my side?
It is no matter. What matters is that you are here, and from the look of it, you are a suitable subject for the task I would entrust to you.
I speak to you on behalf of the Magian Mooglehood, an ancient and august assembly of wisemoogles hailing from the once-glorious Kingdom of Kupalika.
Each illustrious member of the Magian Mooglehood guards knowledge of a distinct branch of our lineal lore.
My specialty lies in weaponry; with my aid, you will be doling out damage and destruction in ways heretofore unimagined!
"What impelled you to impart this long-withheld wisdom to us? And why now, kupo?" the unenlightened adventurer might ask.
To which the wise moogle would readily reply: The answer, my friend, is in the mog tablets--those remarkable relics wrought by King Kupofried himself--that were only recently recovered by resourceful adventurers such as rrr...yourself.
There is an ancient (and somewhat alarming) prophecy in our mooglehood.
It goes...<ahem>..."King Kupofried's creations shall slumber soundly until such time as their Super Kupowers are called upon to save the realm from utter ruin, kupo."
The particulars of the prophecy--preposterous as this may seem--outstrip even our prodigious powers of perception.
Yet this I know, kupo: if moogle magic is what shall deliver this world from destruction, then moogle magic this world shall have--in abundance!
As an adventurer of renown, repute, and paramount prowess, you would seem a worthy beneficiary for our boon.
And yet the Magian Mooglehood is nothing if not meticulously methodical. No, we must be certain...
I propose to task you with a series of trials.
Each time you emerge victorious, we shall proffer you a portion of our powers, kupo.
What say you, adventurer?
Will you undertake the Trial of the Magians, that you might one day wield the mightiest of moogle magic to save your realm from destruction and devastation?
Tackle the Trial of the Magians, kupo?

  • Will I ever!
    Then my first gift unto you shall be this: a journal that shall serve to record all of your extraordinary exploits.
  • Maybe another time...
    We understand, for with great kupower comes great responsibility.
    Should you ever be willing to bear the burden, we shall welcome your return.


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