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Männlich Tarutaru

Standort: Port Windurst (E-7)


The Minister of the Orastery believes in nobody but himself.
He claims the philosophy of the Orastery is that “the strong shouldn't rely on others.” Our minister has no scruples.

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Burgeoning Dread

You want to make an enfeeblement kit of blindness?
In case you didn't already know, a volatile objectaru like that needs to be kept in a special container.
Such a container can be synthesized if you have two sheets of bast parchment and inferior cocoon.
And if my memory serves me true, an earth crystal serves as the bonding agentaru.
Inferior cocoons, I hear, can be had within the Maze of Shakhrami. Not lying scattered about the floors, obviously.
One of the crawlers there might be willing to partaru with one, but if not...well, you adventuring types know what to do.
Oh, did I mention flasks of blinding potion?
Naturally, to synthesize enfeebling kit of blindness, you'll be needing one of those, too.