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Weiblich Tarutaru

Standort: Heavens Tower (?-?)
Lokalisierung: Clerical Chamber


Welcome to Heavens Tower--home of the Great Star Tree and our leader, the Star Sibyl.
The Star Sibyl can hear a~ll the thoughts and dreams of a~ll the people in Windurst. So you'd better keep quiet.

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Trust: Windurst

Could you imagine anything more glo~rious for a secretary in Heavens Tower to do?
Yes, this Trust magic is absolutaruly wonderful!
Kupipi is tru~ly the best in the land!
Are you an adventurer-wenturer?
You mean...you've decided to try out Trust, too?
Great news!
That means you have fai~th in me!
But didn't your mother tell you to never play with strangers?
Let me refer to these note-wotes.
Trust...friendship...sisterly love.
I know of the name of a~ll the adventurers from Windurst to Adoulin and beyond! No wonder you have faith in me!
Player, we have quite the relationship-wationship, don't you think?
Like that time you went to Jeuno for a hi~gh-profile mission and forgot to bring me so much as a trifle of a present!

The Three Kingdoms

Kupipi: Welcome to Heavens Tower. Are you the adventurer who came for your mission orders?
...You're rank 2?
Oh, I know I shouldn't...but you di~d complete the Rhinostery mission...
And if you were good enough to do that, then I gue~ss you can handle the next one.
Semih Lafiha: And you are...
Kupipi: Do you know Lady Semih Lafihna?
Semih Lafiha: Kupipi, what business does he/she have here?
Kupipi: He/She is here to accept his/her next mission from Heavens Tower...but he's/she's still only rank 2.
Semih Lafiha: I don't need the details, Kupipi. Show me his/her file.
This is a nice resume. It seems as if you fight betterrr than you look.
...And it also seems that today is not your day.
Kupipi. Process this adventurer's mission paperrrs.
Relay his/her orders to him/her and give him/her Letter to the consuls.
Kupipi: Umm...
Uh... Understood!
Semih Lafiha: I can sense many good things within you. Let's see how you manage with this new task.
Kupipi. I'll leave the rest to you.
Kupipi: Yes, now where was I...?
According to the pact constructed by the three countries, Windurst is allowed a consulate in both Bastok and San d'Oria.
Your next mission is to travel to the consulates in these two countries and gather any information you can. Which country you travel to first is up to you.
You may receive various tasks from them, so use that as a means of gathering useful information.
When you have learned something interesting, return back here to Windurst with your report.
The quickest way to get to either of the two countries is by the ferry that departs from Mhaura
Do you have a~ny questions?
A~ny questions?

  • I got it the first time.
    Don't forget that Windurst is a neutral country set on maintaining peace.
    No matter what you are told in those other countries, you must remember that Windurst is not about to get involved in another Great War.
  • Could you go over that one more time?
    Are you su~re you were listening?

Kupipi: Welcome back, adventurer!
Hm? What is that you have there? Is it a pre~sent? A present for Kupi...
...Oh. Your report. You were told to deliver it to the Star Sibyl?
I see. Well, we can't have common adventurers like yo~u dirtying up our sacred to~wer, so I will take your report to the Star Sibyl myself.
You're still here?
What? You say you're entitled to some kind of certificate?
Oh yes, it must have slipped my mind. Here is your Adventurer's Certificate. Now you are a full-fledged adventurer.
You're still here?
You can go home now.

To Each His Own Right

Kupipi: You say you've been called by Lady Semih Lafihna, the Sibyl Guard?
You mean to tell me you've REA~LLY-WILLY been called by Lady Semih Lafihna? You?
Hmph. I guess I'll trust you this time.
Use this Starway Stairway bauble to gain access to the top floor. But don't forget to give that back!
When visiting the upper floors of the tower, you must be on your be~st behavior. Especially around the head lady-in-waiting, Zubaba!

Portal charm

Kupipi: What? For me? Even though I didn't... You shouldn't have!
I'm so...so...so...
W-wait right here. I have a little something for you.
With this, you can open the Sealed Portal in the Horutoto Ruins by yourself.
Don't worry, I even got that o~ld battle axe Zubaba's permission. I told her that with this key, our brave adventurer could clean the central tower at any time!
Keep up the good work for Windurst! And if you're ever in Jeuno...

Cipher of Semih's alter ego

Why, hello there!
Ah! Wait! This is absolutely pe~rfect!
Lady Semih Lafihna!
Semih Lafihna:
Are you aware of a recently developed magical rrregimen known as the Trust initiative?
Visit one of the Jeuno Institute of Magical Studies representatives located in Southern San d'Oria/Port Bastok/Windurst Woods if you wish to know more.
Please do be carrreful with it. I don't give out such valuable scrolls to just anyone.


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