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Männlich Tarutaru

Standort: Port Windurst (G-5)
Lokalisierung: Warehouse 1
Beruf: Star Onion Brigade


(Auftrag:Truth, Justice, and the Onion Way! nach Annahme)
If you bring us a tail, we'll let you join the Star Onion Brigade!
As leader, I won't break my promise! A member of the Star Onion Brigade never lies!

(Auftrag: Truth, Justice, and the Onion Way! erledigt)
Now that you're a member of the Star Onion Brigade, you have to remember our oath!
Once you've learned the oath, then you've got to put it into practice. Don't expect us to go easy on you just 'cause you're old!

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Truth, Justice, and the Onion Way!

The first rule of the Star Onion Brigade...
For those of you who don't kno~w...
Is to fight for truth, justice, and the onion way!
As long as there is love and dreams...we will be the protectors of goodiness!
We are the Star Onion Briga~de!
Hey, you! Yes, you, the grown-up there! What are you staring at? You wanna join our Star Onion Brigade, don'taru?
Join the ranks of the S.O.B.?

  • I was born to be an S.O.B.!

Ah! Oh, oh, rea~lly?
(I didn't expect you'd want to join... Oh, boy! What do I do now?)
Time to powwow! Powwow! Let's have a secret-wecret meeting!
Evewybody gadder togeder!
You idiot!
That's the leader's line...!
Everybody gather together!
C'mon, let's huddle!
(So...erm...what do we do?)
Papo-Hopo: (We can't let a gwown-up join dis gwoup!)
Papo-Hopo: (Dis gwoup was formed to oppose selfish gwown-ups.)
Gomada-Vulmada: (Huh? What's shellfish got to do with this?)
Pyo Nzon: (But, hey, grrrown-ups have lots of money. If we let grrrown-ups join our grrroup, they could buy us lots of trrreats!)
Yafa Yaa: (Don't think of trrreats! Motherrr always says, "Honorrr before gain!")
Gomada-Vulmada: (Huh? Who's "on a beef again"?)
We're never going to decide!
Hey, Pichichi...
You haven't said anything yet.
What do you think, Pichichi?
Pichichi: Don't athk me! I haven't got a clue! But my mommy thaid she wanted a tail!
A tail...?
Well, grown-up...you heard the girl!
For the sake of Pichichi! For the sake of Windurst's peace, love, and righteousness!
It's decided then. If you bring us a tail, we'll let you join the Star Onion Briga~de!

  • You've got to be kidding!

What, are you afraid of us or something? Well, that's because we, the Star Onion Brigade, are invincible!
Papo-Hopo: Da Star Onion Bwigade are invincible!
Gomada-Vulmada: Are invincible-wincible!
Yafa Yaa: Arrre invincible!!!
Pyo Nzon: Yeah, we'rrre prrretty invincy-bull!
Pichichi: Are invinthible!

Übergabe des Rarab tails und Abschluss Uh-oh...!
A rarab's tail!?
Listen, I know we said to get a tail, but a poor, little, innocent rarab...?
Pichichi: Oh, look! It'th a tail like mommy wanted! What the...?
Hey, Pichichi!
Is this the tail you wanted for your mother? Is this what she was looking for?
Pichichi: Yeth, of courthe! Mommy's hotel ith called "The Rarab Tail Hothtelry"! You thee? Mommy always wants lots of Rarab tail! She uthes them to make pickles for the cuthtomers.
You don't say...?
Well then, I guess that decides it, then! You, grown-up, have passed the test, and can join our brigade!
This Justice badge is the symbol of the Star Onion Brigade! Don't go losing it!


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