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Typ: Zwischensequenz

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Magicite (Windurst), Magicite (Bastok), Magicite (San d'Oria)

Ru'Lude Gardens
Kam'lanaut: Magicite! Yes, these stones emit the same power as crystals. Though impure, that power is great indeed.
Now it is clear why the beastmen gathered where they did. They were drawn to the magicite's great power!
Yes, it is time to eradicate the beastmen threat once and for all.
I thank you for your service. Here is an Airship pass. With it, you may travel to any nation you please.
Mawl'gofaur: The three stones are incomplete, but with the powers of the fourth stone that rests deep beneath Castle Zvahl...
Perhaps then the Shadow Lord will rise again.
Kareh'ayollio: Of course, the talisman that seals Zvahl's inner depths was put in place over twenty years ago. It would stop any attempt.
I've also read that the three keys to open the seal were kept safely by the three great nations...
High Wind: Your Grace!
Kam'lanaut: What is it?
High Wind: Dire news, Your Grace! The leaders of all three nations have been attacked!
Kam'lanaut: Attacked... By beastmen?
High Wind: Yes, Your Grace.
Kam'lanaut:Confound them! They're one step ahead of us.
So, they seek to resurrect the Shadow Lord... Quite a lofty goal for beastmen.
So be it, then. Perhaps you should return to your embassy.
I will call for your aid again soon. Until then, be well.
Eald'narche: Hey, what's going on? Oh, you don't have to tell me.
Oh, so you went to Castle Oztroja and met a girl named Verena there.
And she gets along with the beastmen. Wow, so maybe we could get along.
Hey, Wolfgang! Wolfie, you here?
Wolfgang: What would you ask of me, Lord Eald'narche?
Eald'narche: Could you find someone named Verena and bring her here? I heard she's Aldo's little sister.
Wolfgang: Of course, my lord. But may I ask why? She seems of...questionable intentions.
Eald'narche: I think she has some nifty powers, so I just want to play with her. That's all.
Oh, and don't tell this to Kam'lanaut. I want to surprise him.
Wolfgang: As you wish, my lord.
Eald'narche: Heh. I can't wait!


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