Kalsu-Kalasu (S)

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Kalsu-Kalasu (S).jpg
Windurst (S)
Männlich Tarutaru

Standort: Crawlers' Nest (S) (L-8)

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Back to the Beginning

Hey! Hey!
Who let you in here? Nobody's supposed to know about the Federation's secret base--“nobody” meaning you, not me, you see?
O~h! An adventurer! Why didn't you say so?
An adventurer! One who adventures! One who seeks adventure! Well, adventurer, is it adventure that you seek?
Is it?

  • Show me the way!
  • I've enough adventure, thank you.
Back to the Beginning - Show me the way!

I knew it! From the moment you said you were an adventurer, I could sense something...adventurous about you, my friend. And what could be more adventurous than joining an organization called the "Cobras"?
Wait right here. I have something for you.
Alright, show this to Lieutenant Miah Riyuh in Windurst.
What is it? Why, a recommendation letter from yours truly! How else would you get into the Cobras?
Come on, take it. Don't be shy.
Good luck, and may the wisdom of the stars light your path!

Back to the Beginning - I've enough adventure, thank you

An adventurer with enough adventure!? Where is the adventure in that!? And you call yourself an adventurer!


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