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Männlich Hume

Standort: Port Jeuno (H-8)
Lokalisierung: Harbour Bridge


Well met, Player Name. Anythin' I can help ye with?
What do you want to know?

Zusätzlicher Dialog

A Journey Begins

C'mon now, open yer eyes!
Ye all right, mate?
Gave me a right fright, crumplin' to the ground without warnin' as ye did.
Eh? A pink flash of light in the sky, ye say?
Took a knock on the ol' noggin when ye fell, most like.
No one from 'round here's seen anythin' of the sort.
What're ye called, if I might ask?
Player Name, eh? Me name's Joachim, an' the fact ye remember yer own means yer wits're intact, I'd say.
Player Name
What ye witnessed jus' now was no trick of the mind, but as real a thing as the folk in this bustlin' port.
Ye saw what ye did 'cause ye've got “potential.” Aye, that ye do.
But whether this potential'll serve ye good or ill's not somethin' I can say.
Remember what I jus' told ye, though.
An' if ye ever start wantin' answers, come an' seek me out.

Well, if it isn't Player Name.
I knew ye'd come seekin' answers sooner or later.
So ye be wantin' t' know 'bout the strange flash of light ye saw...
I'm not one fer beatin' 'round the bush, so I'll say it straight. What ye witnessed was a phenomenon called “noise”--the irregular brushin' of one dimension against another. Ordinary folk don't see such things, mind ye. So I s'pose that makes ye extra-ordinary.
Me theory's that ye've got a natural attunement t' the phasic alignment of our dimensions. That be the potential I spoke of when I found ye sprawled on the ground.
Ye look a bit out o' sorts, an' I don't blame ye. The truth can be a bitter draught t' swallow, I know.
I'd love nothin' more than to say this is jus' some hearth tale, I would. We'd all be happier that way, t' be sure. But what's an adventurer if he/she turns his/her back t' reality?
Now, this isn't t' say that I take ye fer a faithless type, but I've got a feelin' that simple words won't do. Some things a man/woman's jus' got t' see with his/her own two eyes.
So I want ye to have this.
It's a traverser stone.
If ye've truly got the potential I marked ye fer, that stone there'll guide ye on yer way.
Take it with ye an' pay a visit t' one of them cavernous maws.
Ye know of those ghastly things, aye?
Mind ye, the ones that're frozen like stiffs won't serve.
La Theine Plateau, Konschtat Highlands, Tahrongi Canyon...
Jugner Forest, Valkurm Dunes, Buburimu Peninsula...
Xarcabard, North Gustaberg, South Gustaberg...
There be maws in these areas what've been freed from their inanimate state.
What be the reason fer this, though, yer coin's as good as mine.
Now that ye know where the answer awaits, the rest is in yer hands.
But I leave ye with a word of warnin'.
Seek the truth with frivolous intent, and it'll cost ye yer life.
That's no idle threat, but simply the way it is.
Never ye be forgettin' my words.


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