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Männlich Tarutaru

Standort: Port Windurst (B-5)
Lokalisierung: Shiva's Gate
Typ: Gate Guard


(Mission The Horutoto Ruins Experiment aktiv)
If you go meet with the Orastery's minister, he will explain the details of the mission to you.
He says a lot of nasty stuff...
Unfortunately, he means it...
So watch out!

Zusätzlicher Dialog

The Horutoto Ruins Experiment

Janshura-Rashura: Oh goodness-woodness! Don't tell me it's a mission from the Manustery?
Can you go to the Cardian workshop at the Manustery and help the staff there create their automaton guards?
All Windurstians are indebted to the Cardians for their diligent service. Please accept this mission as a way of showing your gratitude to the Cardians.
Accept this mission?

  • Accept.
    Ask the staff at the Cardian workshop in the Manustery for the details.
    The Manustery's Cardian workshop is in Windurst Woods. It's a teensy-weensy bit far from here, but you should consider it an opportunity to learn the layout of Windurst better.
  • Decline.