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Männlich Tarutaru

Job: White Mage
Typ: Zwischensequenz

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Magicite (Windurst), Magicite (Bastok), Magicite (San d'Oria)

Francmage: You called for me, Your Majesty?
Destin: Francmage?
I was not expecting you so soon. Monarlais...tell him.
Periduque: Yes, sire.
Francmage, I've summoned you here today to talk about one thing--the Northlands investigation.
Francmage: Oh, yes, that. Those Bastoker Humes are causing no end of trouble--saying they want to investigate here, there, and the other place...
Muchavatte: It is true! The Humes are fools, and no better. Can they truly believe that some ancient power lies hidden in that forsaken wasteland?
Hah! Do they hope to find the gates to eternal Paradise there, in that lair of fiends most uncouth? Preposterous!
Periduque: We must take control of this situation immediately. Still, we cannot let them walk about the Northlands freely. Who knows what they're plotting under the guise of this “investigation.”
Francmage, listen. Go with the investigation party, and keep a close eye on what our foreign “friends” do. They are up to something, it is certain.
I am sure nothing will come of this, but in case they do find something in that wasteland, do not let them take it. Understood?
Francmage: As you command, my lord. I would give the very blood that runs in my veins if it were to further the cause of our kingdom. You can rely on me.
Muchavatte: These foreigners are wily and faithless. Never let down your guard, and may the Goddess of the Dawn protect you in Her mercy.
The king has taken a beautiful queen, and I think a splendid addition to the royal family is not far off. An heir, perhaps...
We people of San d'Oria, too, must ever look to the future. The Elvaan must never fall behind foreigners, in power or faith.
Francmage: I understand, Your Grace.
Destin: Very good. Do well, Francmage.
Fancmage: Yes, sire! My life for the Kingdom!

Francmage: As I thought, there is nothing here...
Only barren wastelands as far as the eye can see.
Iru-Kuiru:But there is something wrong about this place, I can feel it.
I don't think-wink we should leave Xarcabard yet. Rabntah: I agree. My nose has never failed me, but I don't smell anything. That's not normal.
Something really terrrible must've happened here a long time ago.
Francmage: Ridiculous. We cannot base our decisions on your feelings alone.
You can stay and look for whatever “terrible thing” is supposed to be here, but I--
Ulrich: Help! Come quick!
Raogrimm and Cornelia, they--
Francmage: Ulrich? What happened!?
Ulrich: We were attacked by fiends, and Raogrimm and Cornelia fell down a crevice...
Iru-Kuiru: Oh, no! Oh, no!
Rabntah: Grr! Where!?
Ulrich: This way!
Iru-Kuiru: Raogrimm and Cornelia...where could they have gone?
Rabntha: We have to assume the worrrst. If I can't find them, no one can.
Francmage: Why must Humes and Galka be so irresponsible!?
It is their fault for wandering off without telling us!
There are too few of us left to continue. I say we go back.
Besides, we would find nothing even if we stayed.
Rabntha: I second that.
I've had enough of this crrreepy place anyway.
Iru-Kuiru: B-but, there are still places we haven't looked--
Francmage: We have seen enough.
There is nothing here but dust and ruins.
We accomplished nothing but losing two members of our party and wasting an extraordinary amount of time...
Ulrich: Yeah, you're right.
This whole expedition was a failure. Let's head back tomorrow.
Francmage: Ulrich.
Tell me something... Was it really an accident?
Ulrich: What do you mean?
Francmage: Is it not true that there is some...shall we say, tension, between Humes and Galka in Bastok these days?
Ulrich: Are you accusing me of something, Elvaan?
Francmage: Hah! Calm down. I do not care if it was an accident or not. I care even less about your little country's problems. not cause any more trouble with such trivial matters while I am around. That is all.
Ulrich: ...

Bostaunieux Oubliette
Courisaille: It is quite late to be up and about, Sir Francmage.
Is something wrong?
Francmage: Ah, Courisaille.
It's nothing. I could not sleep, so I decided to take a walk.
Leave me; I am fine.
Courisaille: Yes, sir.
Francmage: No! Not you...?
Raogrimm? What do you mean!?
He died in an accident! I know nothing!
Coursaille: Sir Francmage?
Are you all right, sir?
Francmage: Stop! Do not come any further!
No, nooo--
Coursaille: ...


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