Impurity/Plot Details

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Rhapsodies of Vana'diel - Impurity
Skript Part 1: Yuhtunga Jungle - ??? Zwischensequenz
Halt! Remove your mask at once, that we may lay eyes upon our enemy!
Our world is not a toy for you to control!
This voidsent has emerged from the abyss, endeavoring to lead Vana'diel into it.
Even now, he turns his gaze to the fabrics of time, his arms pulsing as he rips a hole into emptiness that lies beyond.
Darkness is not to be feared, but embraced like a lover in the cold winds of the night.
Player Name! Could it be?
How do you respond?
  • It's just like in Qufim!
    We cannot let it fester.
    I care not whether it be born from a higher power. I refuse to permit it to consume our land!
    Impudent fools.
    I...I cannot move!
    Player Name, come hither, and let my song wash over you!
  • What is it?