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San d'Oria
Männlich Elvaan

Standort: Chateau d'Oraguille (I-9)
Lokalisierung: Great Hall

Zusätzlicher Dialog

The Three Kingdoms

Halver: An adventurer from Windurst, are you? Consul Kasaroro sent word about you. You look able, that's for sure.
Well, you may never reach the glory of the Royal Knights, but do good work, and you'll be rewarded accordingly.
Here is our dilemma. The Orcs have set up a front-line base of operations in a place called Ghelsba Outpost, northwest of San d'Oria.
You're familiar with the Yagudo, no? Well, Orcs are just like them. A vicious and barbaric race, and quite stupid to boot.
The problem is, those Orcs have been showing signs of intelligence lately. They've started using ranged weapons...even machines of war!
Our investigations indicate that someone is behind the Orcs, supplying them with weapons.
We want you to find a cavern deep in Ghelsba Outpost--a place called Yughott Grotto.
We've sent many an adventurer to Yughott Grotto, but few have returned, and we are desperate for knowledge.
There may be some...danger involved, but if you provide us with useful information, formal recognition from the Kingdom of San d'Oria will be yours.

Cipher of Halver's alter ego

Oho! 'Tis always a pleasure to see you, Player Name. Come, there is something I must give you.
This scroll contains an essence of my being. Those participating in the Trust initiative can use it to call forth my alter ego.
Why travel alone when you could have me at your side? Hahaha!


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