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Männlich Tarutaru

Standort: Port Windurst (E-7)
Lokalisierung: Orastery


What are you doing loitering around here all willy-nilly? This is a training room for magic spells. If you're not careful, you'll get fried to a crisp...or worse!

(Mission The Horutoto Ruins Experiment gestartet)
Head out to the eastern magic tower of the Horutoto Ruins. It's a fair way, and an itsy-bitsy bit dangerous, so you might want to take some friends with you.

Zusätzlicher Dialog

The Horutoto Ruins Experiment

Hakkuru-Rinkuru: What's that...? Oh, now I see...
You've volunteered to help us with the magic experiment in the Horutoto Ruins, have you? That's right. We did ask the goon platoon gatehouse for assistance.
Hey, Kuroido-Moido! That was the minister's pellmell experiment, wasn't it?
Kuroido-Moido: Yeah, the minister headed off hours ago. Said he had some preparations to do, or something like that...
Hakkuru-Rinkuru: Tsk... <Sigh>
Typical of the minister to ask for assistance and leave before the help comes. That's gone and put this poor hoddy-doddy adventurer out...
Kuroido-Moido: I know, I know...

Our minister is so self-centarued. He thinks of nothing but himself...

Well anyway, it'd probably look better for you to head on over to the magic towers in East Sarutabaruta.
Hakkuru-Rinkuru: Really?
I don't think it matters if your first impression with hoity-toity old him is good or not. Either way, it won't get you into his good books, will it?
Anyway, head out to the eastern magic tower of the Horutoto Ruins. It's a fair way, and an itsy-bitsy bit dangerous, so you might want to take some friends with you.
Good luck!
(You'll need it...)

Hakkuru-Rinkuru: So you were able to meet our flub-the-dub minister, huh? The minister came back an itty-bitty ago, but was straight out the door again...
Oh, that's the no-go Mana Orb...!
Ah, so you were the one the minister was mumbling about when he huff-and-puffingly ran in and out of here. He told us to take the hunk-of-junk Cracked Mana Orb off of you.
Thanks for your humdrum help today. We look forward to having you help us again during our next mayday...

To Each His Own Right

Hakkuru-Rinkuru: Oh, so you're looking for our fudge-mudge minister, are you? Well that is a nippity tippity pity...
Our minister came back here a little while ago, but left almostaru right away. He seemed to be preparing for a long journey this time.
If he was preparing for a long journey, then he wasn't going to his usual humdrum destination of the Horutoto Ruins, was he?
Well, that probably means he's finally ascertained the nitty-gritty whereabouts of the Full Moon Fountain then?
Hell's bells...!
Kuroido-Moido: ...I just remembered, our minister took a caduceus staff with him!
That can only mean one thing...!
Hakkuru-Rinkuru: Yes.
That he's hot-to-trot off to Castle Oztroja!
Kuroido-Moido: I guess so...
But why Castle Oztroja?


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