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Green Thumb Moogle.jpg
Green Thumb Moogle

Standort: Mog Garden (?-?)

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Erstes Betreten des Mog Gardens

Green Thumb Moogle:
How incredibly intrepid of you to inquest into this island plot. Welcome to your well-deserved Mog Garden, kupo!
Did yiz toil tirelessly trying to amass agrarian assets in your Mog House, or did your knees start knocking at the very mention of gathering goods? Either way, Mog Gardens have proven positively pleasant for all pioneers!
As an emblem of our eternal esteem for each other--and to elicit enthusiasm for this endeavor--allow me to present you with a GPS crystal, hupo! Each day that elapses (in Earth time), you're served a star!
The more refulgences residing in this rock, the richer the rewards you'll reap. But first, let's learn about the myriad methods by wich you male use of your Mog Garden!
No need to sweat sabers over your neophyte knowledge of Mog Gardens, kupo! Leave everything to mister moogle here and his go-getting green thumb.
We begin with the bare basics.
Let's get going on grasping that grandiose garden of yours.
To be more precise, it may behoove you to barge into that basket over there, kupo.
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