Green Groves/Plot Details

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Green Groves - Mog Garden
Skript Part 1: Mog Garden - "Aboreal Grove" geklickt!
Green Thumb Moogle:

Thank you for collecting those cursed comestibles. Feel free to keep any and all you find hereafter for your culinary consumption.
As an aside, should you lack ligneous libations, logging will lay you up with some Arrowwood logs, kupo.
Undulating umbrils! What in the world was that!?
...It seems this island has been infiltrated by an insidious instigator, kupo.
I'm sure that he's the one responsible for that headward-hurtling harvest mere moments ago!
We must take up arms against this anonymous assailant before he can spread his tenebrous tendrils any further. Make haste and cleave that crag in twain to obtain a Pebble, kupo!
While you're whittling away at that whetstone, I'll start in on a snare.