Flames of Prayer/Plot Details

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Rhapsodies of Vana'diel - Flames of Prayer
Skript Part 1: Zwischensequenz bei der "Oaken Door" in Norg
Maybe there is somethin' ta that tale Iroha spun. There've been more an' more oddities happenin' of late.
All manner of ne'er-before-seen beasts...people gettin' lost in places that look familiar but are somehow a bit off...and so much more that I could mention.
At first I figured the beastmen were behind it all, but now I'm not so sure.
We gotta take stock of the situation and dig up any common threads.
Hey, turn that thing off!
Seek...the crystal...
What was that light all about?
A voice, ya say? I didn't hear a blasted thing.
But hey, if ya say so, then ya probably did. Hopefully it gave ya something to go on--which is a darn sight better than anything I can do.