Fhelm Jobeizat

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Fhelm Jobeizat
Weiblich Mithra

Standort: Windurst Woods (J-10)
Lokalisierung: Leviathan's Gate
Typ: RoE


(Records of Eminince Auftrag nicht angenommen)
Oh no, you don't. I can't say squat until you enable that orrriginal objective in the “Objective List” under the “Records of Eminence” section of the Quests menu.

Zusätzlicher Dialog

First Step Forward

Oh, if only I were as lucky as you.
Here goes nothing. <Hffffff>
You're the eleven thousand, one hundred eleventh person to ever visit this square! To honor this crrrowning
achievement, we're prepared to offer you a hefty reward.
How will you respond?
Ta-daaa, it's memorandoll!
Aren't you in rrrapture now?
This is no ordinary, run-of-the-mill doll, I'll have you know! It's imbued with sorcery and engrrraves your “Records of Eminence” exploits upon itself. Now that's a handy-dandy tool if I've ever heard of one!
Anything to say?

  • I've always wanted one of those!

  • Records of Eminence...?

  • How hefty?

  • None of this poppycock for me.

  • Don't. Just walk away.
First Step Forward - I've always wanted one of those!
First Step Forward - Records of Eminence...?

What? You rrreally haven't heard?
I thought everyone had heard.
It may come as a surprrrise to you, but you're already participating in Records of Eminence!
Yes, indeed. By talking to me, you've cleared your first objective. That means you eventually get another prrresent: “sparks of eminence,” which act as quantifiers of your grandeur!
Anyway, now that you know the rrropes, it's time to try it out yourself.
Just sink your fangs into any of the short quests in the “Objective List” under the “Records of Eminence” part of the Quests menu.
Easier than scooping fish from a bowl, rrright?
Certain objectives can be rrrepeated too, so there'll be more to try than there are cats in a clowder.
Once you accrrrue enough sparks from completing objectives, come talk to me for a saucer of good stuff.
Speaking of good stuff, your memorandoll is top-notch, so I'm going to need 11111 gil for it.
...Not convinced it's worth the price?
Okay, then. Watch this.
With a simple clap of the hands, it disappears like magic! That's the power of arcane blah-ditty-blah at its finest!
So, yeah, there's no way I could entrrrust something so amazing to you for free. Pay up.
Pay 11111 gil?

  • I've only got catcalls for you.

  • Go cat around somewhere else.

  • I feel like a bag of cats, so no.

...Fine, then.
Huh? Why am I giving up so easily?
Because the doll's already rrregistered to you. If you're not going to give me money, there's nothing I can do about it.

First Step Forward - How hefty?

They say that currriosity killed the cat, but I can assure you that's not the case here!
Now, to peel back the veritable curtain on your commemorative prrrize...

First Step Forward - None of this poppycock for me.

Poppycock? I'll tell you what's poppycock--thrrrowing away your chance to receive a breath-stopping prize for being the eleven thousand, one hundred eleventh visitor!

First Step Forward - Don't. Just walk away.

Hey, wait up!
It's not like I go around saying this to everyone who comes my way. You're trrruly the eleven thousand, one hundred eleventh visitor!


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