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Rhapsodies of Vana'diel - Crashing Waves
Skript Part 1: Zwischensequenz in den Ru'Lude Gardnes im Palast
Lord/Lady Player Name, please forgive my hasty departure earlier. I have had some time to reflect on my journey here...
It is about the Emptiness threatening to consume my land.
I surmise that it is intimately connected to this destructive force that threatens to claim the future, just as Gilgamesh was telling me in Norg.
The Emptiness will have doubtlessly spread from the Far East, its tendrils stretching ever westward.
Lord/Lady Player Name, forgive me...would that I had been stronger...
I would ask Iroha to tell me what she knows.
Forgive me for keeping you waiting, Master.
Sir Tenzen, the pleasure is mine.
I am so glad to see you again.
Again? But this is the first time we...
Ah, but of course. You mean to say that you have met me in the future.
You are the very reason I am able to stand here today. My tears flowed like rain when last we parted.
...You mean to say that I was swallowed up in the Emptiness.
Not just you. Everyone.Tenzen:
I thought myself better prepared for this. So such a future does come to pass.
Then that means...I failed.
Sir Tenzen, lift your head.
In my era, you and the master were revered as heroes of the highest caliber.
It was not any failure on your behalf. When darkness poured forth from the crystal, there was nothing you could have done to stop it.
Secluded on that small island, I was unable to stem the rising tide, and the world was torn asunder...
Heavens be good...
There is only one thing we can do.
We must protect our world!
Lord/Lady Player Name, Lady Iroha.
The future is ours for the taking, and I swear to fight until I have drawn my last breath!
Does it mean to absorb the fire burning in my heart!?
No, Sir Tenzen. Your passion has brought new life unto the orb!
Would that it were sufficient...but the light remains ever pale.
You have yet to meet with Lady Prishe, correct?
Master, when you recounted tales of your exploits, Lady Prishe was a prominent figure. You oft waxed lyrical about how her prowess was beyond compare.
Prishe...? Who is this woman of whom you speak?
Ah, so the two of you have yet to cross paths.
This would explain why the orb is scarce as bright as a torch.
Lady Prishe has but recently arrived in Jeuno.
Permit me to seek her out and lead her to the port.
Our next destination is clear to us.
Master, the fire in Sir Tenzen's heart is evident. You must meet with Prishe without delay.
I must confess that the only reason I am standing here today to aid you... that I received a benevolent puissance when you and Sir Tenzen visited me on Reisenjima during the ultimate conflict.
Yet I must reiterate that I do not exist in this era.
My presence has caused the wheel of fate to spin, and I fear that it may not come to rest in an advantageous position.
Yet should you remain ever unflinching as you tackle this most arduous of journeys...
Then perhaps my appearance here matters not, and you will be able to lead us to a brighter future.
Master, I shall head to the port while you search for Lady Prishe.
Please...let me rest here...until we meet Lady Prishe...