Cornelia (Mythril Musketeer)

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Cornelia (Mythril Musketeer).jpg
Cornelia (Mythril Musketeer)
Weiblich Hume

Beruf: Mythril Musketeer
Job: Monk
Typ: Zwischensequenz
Status: vermisst/getötet

Zusätzlicher Dialog

Magicite (Windurst), Magicite (Bastok), Magicite (San d'Oria)

Blamor: Those “explosives”--pretty amazing, aren't they?
Omran: Indeed. Without them, we would not have been able to dig that mine.
Now, finally, we can compete with San d'Oria for power.
Blamor: Heh, Quadav aren't good enough to live in there! One blast should take care of them...
Babenn: ...
Raogrimm: What is the matter, Babenn?
Babenn: Lord Raogrimm... We've found the Quadav temple in the mines, as you suspected.
I-I could not stop them.
Raogrimm: That is unfortunate... As always, they don't even try to understand.

Urlich: Huh. Nothing.
With all the Quadav guarding the place, you think we'd find a treasure or two!
C'mon, let's move! Let's just finish this job and go.
Cornelia: Ulrich, wait!
Raogrimm: As I thought...they were trying to protect their eggs...
But they don't even try to understand...

Ulrich: Is that all you've got, Raogrimm!?
Raogrimm: Ulrich, why!?
Ulrich: Why? Because I never liked you, that's why!
Raogrimm: You will never get away with this, Ulrich!
Ulrich: Watch me!
Raogrimm: ...Cornelia!?
Ulrich: Wh-what have I done!?
Raogrimm: Why...!?
Cornelia: I...couldn't let you die here, Raogrimm... There are people who need you...
Raogrimm: Cornelia!!!


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