Cloak and Dagger/Plot Details

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Cloak and Dagger - Kazham
Skript Part 1:
Jakoh Wahcondalo:
Ah, if it isn't Player Name.
Lately, I've been hearrring rumors about you. They say that for a mainlander, you are quite talented when it comes to wielding a daggerrr.
I'm not one to brrrag, but I, too, am quite skilled with knives. Why, just the other day I came up with a new technique that can slice and dice even the toughest Tonberrry.
But there's a problem...
If anybody gets their grrrimy hands on it, I'll be in trrrouble. That's why I have to start practicing dodging the technique as well as using it.
And that's the prrroblem. None of the pussycats around here have the skill required to perrrform it!
If I could only find someone that could match me in battle...
How about you? Do you want to take a stab at learrrning my new technique?
Here, take one of my daggerrrs and practice until the blade's been completely drrrained of its power. Come back here when you're done, and I'll show you my secrrrets.
Skript Part 2:
Jakoh Wahcondalo:
Ah, so you're finally done. I was beginning to worry that you'd neverrr come back.
Now it's time to see if you rrreally have what it takes to be my parrrtner in prrractice. Take this map to the Gustav Tunnel and dice up the monster waiting for you there.
And don't forget to brrring back the Annals of Truth. Otherwise, how am I supposed to know that you just didn't have some of your cat pack defeat the monsterrr for you?
Skript Part 3:
Jakoh Wahcondalo:
You're finally back! Congrrratulations on taking out the monster in the tunnel.
If you could handle that beast, then you are more than worrrthy to learn my new technique. Now let's begin...
So what do you think? Never seen anything like it before, have you? I must say, I am one smarrrt cat.
Thanks to you, I also was able to come up with a way to dodge it. What? You want me to teach you that, too?
I'm sorry, but that won't be possible. To tell you the trrruth, the only real way to dodge that technique would involve killing your opponent.
You wouldn't want to be killed by me now, would you?