Call to Serve

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RoVicon.png Call to Serve (Zum Dienen berufen)
Auftraggeber: Keiner
Voraussetzungen: Keine
Tenzen learned about the darkness that the future holds and insists that it can be changed. Your bonds with him caused the orb to flare up and open a new path before you. The next step is to meet with Prishe in Port Jeuno.

Tenzen erfährt, dass die Dunkelheit, welche die Zukunft einnimmt aufgehalten werden kann. Nachdem ihr euch mit ihm verbündet habt, erstrahlt der Orb in neuem glanz und eröffent euch neue Wege. Der nächste Schritt für euch wird sein, Prishe in Port Jeuno zu treffen.
Empfohlener Level: 30+
Beteiligte Items:
Belohnung: Vorherige Mission: Nächste Mission
Cipher of Prishe's alter ego II Cipher of Prishe's alter ego II  x 1

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  • Sobald ihr Port Jeuno betretet erhaltet ihr eine Zwischensequenz.
  • Mit der Sequenz ist auch die Mission abgeschlossen und die nächste startet automatisch.

Spoiler Plot Details Spoiler

Rhapsodies of Vana'diel - Call to Serve
Skript Part 1: Zwischensequenz in Port Jeuno
Yo, Player Name, I hauled tail as soon as I heard!
This creepy old coot rushes in and starts blabbing about dying world this, dark future that...ugh. It was all I could do not to smack him right in the kisser!
The blood rushed to my head and now it's pounding like I just ran face-first into a wall!
Ah. Well, that solves the mystery of his obnoxious prattling.
Then this whole "Emptiness" thing's gotta be connected, right?
And you mean to say that it's our destiny to send it packing?
Unfortunately, although Iroha can see the grand picture, there are many details that escape her.
The one most familiar with the situation is he who came after her.
This ambassador from the void guy, yeah. I've half a mind to rip that mask from his scrawny little neck and expose him for the sham he is!
Would that our paths had crossed, but I know only his name.
And that Lord/Lady Player Name and Lady Iroha sparred with him.
And!? Did you pop him a new one?
How do you respond?
  • He was fearsome.
    You gotta show idiots like that who's boss!
    Next time the pounding will come right from me!
  • I barely broke a sweat.
  • He looked...amazing!

This is no time for nonsense. That man can call forth voids at will.
Wait...there's something desperately wrong...
There is no need for concern, Lady Prishe.
The same thing happened earlier. The orb filling with light--this is what Iroha was mentioning, is it not?
Urk! I thought the damn thing was trying to rip my soul from my body!
Lady Prishe, I assure you no such thing would occur.
Hmph. Long as I'm still in one piece I couldn't give a flying fig.
But let's track back a minute to where we can find this Iroha of yours.
She had promised to be here...
Do you suppose something happened to her?
What do you think?

  • Maybe she got lost?
    Only in the most dire of circumstances is a priestess from Reisenjima Sanctorium permitted to leave the tiny island.
    And now she might be lost in this most bustling of towns--I must find her before something happens!!!
    I should probably head off to find her, too.
    Maybe she made her way to Lower Jeuno?
  • She didn't seem well.
  • Think she forgot?

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